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PS3 DiRT Demo |

I was away on holidays last week, so I didn’t get a chance to download and try the DiRT demo made available on PSN last Thursday. Once I got back, my first PLAYSTATION 3 task was to download and try it out. Graphically, my memory is a little vague, but I don’t remember the 360 version of the demo looking any different. As far as content goes, I think they got it about right. There’s three types of track with three cars and three styles of racing. One if dune buggy dirt racing around a track, another is driving a Mitsubishi Lancer (I think) rally style on a dirt road, and the last track you got to drive a Subaru on an asphalt course. (I hope I got those right.)

Colin McRae: DIRT

All in all, it was fun for a bit. I once heard someone complain that it felt like the car felt like it was stuck in a pin in the middle, and sometimes I got that feel too. And it was weird that the breaks on the Subaru worked so well, bring the car to a stop very quickly. (But then, maybe that’s how that Subaru behaves in real life. I dunno.)

Depending on whether or not this game has a four-player splitscreen mode (which I doubt), I might give it a rental. So I have to say that this demo didn’t impress me enough to buy it outright. I’ll have to see what the rental does for me.

  • Rjcc

    the 360 version looked mostly the same IIRC, but it was very choppy, the ps3 version of the demo is much smoother. I still don’t like the physics, but its at least playable.

  • MetalProxy

    Iam not impressed at all. It sent me running back to motorstorm. I apologized and everything, lol. Dirt was a good name for it.

  • derrickgott007

    For those that want to compare Dirt to Motorstorm, get an apple and an orange, sit them side by side, and look at them. Does the apple and orange look the same? No? Now go hang yourself because your stupidity is out of control. So if you can tell the difference between and apple and an orange, why can you not see that Motorstorm and Dirt are TWO TOTALLY DIFFERENT GAMES. Motorstorm is an arcady racer, like a burnout in mud…..DIRT is semi-realistic (Semi-Sim).

    I for one will be getting this game…and also looking forward to Dirt2 when it comes out.

  • Sarlac

    I thought it looked nice, but not amazing. Hopefully Sega Rally will deliver what this could not.

  • derrickgott007

    It’s not a Mitsubishi Lancer…It’s a Citroen C-5.

  • derrickgott007

    Once again Sega Rally Revo is an arcady racer that has no comparison to DIRT.

    Thats like saying Soccer is the same as NFL football becuase they both deal with a ball and men.

  • Sarlac

    Hope you don’t hurt yourself climbing down off that high horse buddy.

  • They’re all racing games. They all take place off-road. Sure, some are more arcadey than others, but you can lump them together when making purchasing decisions, because they’re all similar games. (Unless you’re a hardcore racing fan.)

    To stick with your analogy, I’d say they’re all apples, just Macintosh, Granny Smith, and Delicious. 🙂

  • KDaze

    First I would like to say that this game is visually amazing. Even better than Motorstorm. If that was all it took to make a racing game great then there would be no competition. However, you and I know that there is more, lots more to making a great game. To me it looked like they spent too much time on the graphics element and did not deal with the playability.

    I thought that the movement of the car was also suspect. It felt like the car was pivoting on an imaginary point about 6 feet in front of the car. It sort of made me feel like I was watching some really bad “Reality TV Show” (Where the camera keeps their head steady but everything else is moving.) This made the car move in unrealistic ways, especially when turning.

    I also thought that the physics model was not very good. I felt like I was driving a boat more than a race car. If you managed to roll your car, it looked more like you were rolling a ball because the motion was too fluid. It looked more like a programed movement and not reacting to the situation. You just sort of bobbed around… like a boat.

    The only time you had real control of the car was when you had all 4 wheels on the ground, otherwise you were at the mercy of the game. In Motorstorm, when you were driving on two wheels, you had control! You could actually deal with the situation and drive your way out of it.

    Most of the camera views were great, especially the “head” cam, where you are seeing everything from the perspective of the driver. I just wish that the external views were a little further back so you could see the competition more. Where I really think that they dropped the ball was with the playback. All of the external camera views, including the “Track Side” camera views were too close. You could not enjoy your fight to get to be the leader because all you saw was yourself. I was beginning to think that the person that programmed these views had some sort of ego trip.

    Yes I understand that Motorstorm is an “Arcade” racer, but the way the vehicles moved and reacted gave a more realistic experience for me. And I am comparing this to the years of experience in driving buggies and stock cars in my youth.

    And yes, vehicles do not stop that fast on dirt in real life. I think the controls are a little too sensitive. It only takes about one quarter of the movement of the triggers to max out the brakes and throttle on this game so you really have to be light fingered to have any control.

    I am not saying that I hate the game, I am sure that at one point I will own it, but will I run out first thing and pick it up when it first comes out, no I do not think so.

  • HachiRoku

    Guess I can give my 2 cents worth…
    I’m a bit of a racing game fan (and racing in real life), so this demo was something I was looking forward to.
    I must say that I agree with almost everything KDaze had to say. However, I didn’t feel that the car movement was that bad. Sure, nothing touches Gran Turismo, but it was still very competent. Also, I didn’t think the physics was that bad. There are MANY racing games out there with crappier physics… *cough* Smuggler’s Run *cough* any of the Rush games, Test Drive games, Need For Speed, etc….
    What I do complain about is the close camera with the replays and in-game. I always set it to car view (cuz I like seeing the car I’m driving), but in this game, it was just too close.
    Also, as mentioned before, the brakes are CRAZY good! …and that’s BAD!
    Not only were the brakes really good, but you never got the sense of momentum when late braking and turning-in.
    Still… this demo rocked. The menu system is friggin wicked. Graphics were amazing. Three different racing classes. Sweet…
    For me so far, GRAW2 demo and DiRT demo are the two best demos to come in a loooong time.

  • MetalProxy

    Apples and oranges..semi realistic?? give me freaking break and get off my case dude and dont EVER try to tell someone to hang them selves!! You must be twelve years old. Just because you like the game it dosent mean you have to attack someone…and why does it feel like Iam driving a 2 by 4 down the road?

  • ShockFly

    It’s not a Mitsubishi Lancer and it’s not a Citroën C5 either. It’s a Citroën C4 concept.

  • Michael

    The PS3 version is smoother than the xbox one? Ouch. It’s good for a demo – a decent play, but pity the game isn’t that great compared to the competition. But … *lots* of tearing and major slow-downs when there are more than a couple of cars on screen. You even get tearing occasionally on the rally stage with no other cars on the track. After playing it for a while I tried Motorstorm again – and it just made that look all the better – lots of cars on the track, and still a smooth framerate.

    The car control was a bit funny at first – but every car game drives slightly differently. and you get used to it. The brakes were WAY too good though, on all cars you could stop far far too quickly – even on dirt. Sounds were a bit funny too – you got a ‘inside a tunnnel’ sound when you drove past a rock wall from a cut-away hill – which sounded off. But it is just a demo.

    Fun crashing into shit though and nice damage modelling too. Pity about the frame-rate. Tearing just says ‘lazy coders’ to me, so not on my list.

  • John

    I wasn’t impressed at all and deleted it halfway through the track. The movement and collision dynamics just felt “weird”, and apart from the car itself, the graphics were not very engaging IMO.

  • James

    Visually it looks great. Unfortunately the physics are not quite right. You can tell when you watch the replays and notice that the shocks don’t react to hills and valleys the way they should. If they fixed the physics and supported two player split screen, I would buy it. Any word on that?

  • Henrik

    Playing Dirt on 360 I really loved it so much more than Forza 2.
    The PS3 version is really looking better than the 360 version to me. Sharper textures, better framerate (which was a bit low on 360). It’s a pity that this game does have a steady 60Hz framerate but I still think I will buy it and compare it with my 360 version.
    The key to controlling the cars is: Be careful with the gas! Don’t use gas around corners, just let it go and stear through them. (Actually much like Gran Turismo)