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[email protected] Gets Updated |

It now at Version 1.2

* 1. Support for Remote Play for PSP
* 2. Visibility of Donor Locations on the Globe
* 3. Support for Additional Protein Simulations
* 4. Advanced Participation Mode
* 5. Screensaver Mode
* 6. Link to Project Description
* 7. Protein Visualization Enhancements

Looks like a good upgrade, I’ll have to check this out tonight. I think it would be cool if your friends that are folding show up on the map in a different color or you can see there name. For all the details check out the link below.

[email protected]™ for PLAYSTATION®3 Version 1.2

To join our [email protected] team click here. Currently we are ranked at 458.

  • Hi Tosh, I’ll load it the second it become available. I checked and it’s not out in Canada yet. I’m glad we’re doing as well as we are in the folding ranks. Top 450 is quite impressive. I encourage everone one this forum to participate and join our team 55054. Every WU counts.

  • Rjcc

    by far my most-used ps3 app. does the remote play support mean you can see status from a psp, or cna play a game while it’s folding?

  • [email protected]™ can now be remotely operated through the Remote Play feature of your PS3™ system. When you use this feature, the [email protected]™ help screen will be specific to your PSP™ system’s controls. Use this screen if you need help in navigating [email protected]™ from your PSP™ system.

    So sounds like you can view the [email protected] stats from your PSP. But I doubt you could play a game while this is running.

  • Rjcc

    I started mine up, but I wasn’t prompted for an update and I don’t see any new features so far, maybe it’s not up yet. I downloaded a new work unit, but that’s it.

  • Burten

    I tried out the remote folding, everthing ok.
    Stat-viewing on the psp is no problem.
    But remember to put your PS3 in Remote Play Mode before leaving your home 😉

  • Rjcc

    I finally got the update, haven’t really had a chance to look at features yet tho.