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GRAW2 Today – Multiplayer? |

Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter 2 (henceforth, GRAW2) is being released today for the PLAYSTATION 3. GRAW2 was released several months ago for the 360 and PC, so it’s nice to finally see this game arrive for the PS3. I enjoyed playing the original GRAW on my friends’ Xbox 360’s, so I was thinking about picking up GRAW2 for my PS3.

Unfortunately, I haven’t seen many reviews of the game. Just one, in fact. The GamesRadar review is linked below for your perusal. They basically say that the game is a lot of fun and well executed. No mention is made about how it stands up to the 360 version graphically. And they only talk about the single-player campaign. They make no mention of online or local splitscreen play. What kind of review is that? Incomplete, I’d say.

So here I am, undecided on whether or not to pick up the game today, because there are no reviews. I just want to know one thing: are there any features missing in this game that were in the 360 version? If the answer is “no”, then I’d go buy it. (Why? Because I’d be assured of getting a good single player and multiplayer (both online and off) experience.) If the answer is “yes”, it would depend on the missing features.

So if anybody out there has seen any more reviews of the game, please reply. I want to read them!

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  • Nathaniel

    Hi I know that the GRAW2 on PS3 has something like 14 addtional multiplayer maps, female charcters for online use, and an extended co-op over the PC and XBOX 360 versions, should do for the delay.

    More details on UBISOFT site here..

  • HachiRoku

    Well, I’m in Canada, so we won’t see GRAW2 until tomorrow. I’ll be picking it up regardless… no need to check reviews. The demo sold me already.
    Too bad the demo seemed slightly choppy to me. I was really hoping for liquid smooth motion.
    I’ve played GRAW2 with friends on the Xbox360 on 4-player split-screen between 4 machines (16 players total), and I thought the game was choppy as hell! I was really unimpressed with 4-player split-screen on the xbox. I’m hoping the PS3 version will be improved, but that seems unlikely now, after playing the demo.
    Oh well.. there is still online multiplayer, so no worries, I guess…

  • You know what, it’s a joke. Too many reviews in magazines barely mention online play and when they do it’s very basic.

    Online reviews are a little bit better depending on the site but Gamesradar has been a joke for the past 2 years. Pathetic.

    There has to be some NA PS3 owners that have bought GRAW 2 on their PS3 and read this site. Anybody? Hello?