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Tekken 5 Dark Resurrection Online Arrives in North America |

Finally Tekken DR Online will hit North America this Thursday! A day Tekken fans have been waiting for. If you haven’t bought Tekken DR from the PS3 store it will be $29.99 for the game and the ability to fight online, if you already have it, it’s only $9.99 to upgrade.

I already have money in my PlayStation Store wallet waiting 🙂 In addition to fighting online you get 2 other features, practice mode, and survival. Sadly Europe still just has a Summer 07 release date and price is TBA.

Tekken 5 DR Online Pricing and Release Date

  • MetalProxy

    Thanks for the heads up Tosh, we will be exchanging punch’s soon. 🙂

  • This is why I love being a European PS3 owner. It makes me wonder what the true reason for every single game being delayed is. If it is possible for people to create a foreign PSN account and use it to download demos and other things which they would not usually be able to download from their region and the demos work perfectly fine, why can’t they just release it worldwide in the first place? Is it something to do with licensing or something?

  • Nathaniel

    @ Jax Myth

    I think the differing release dates are down to marketing bods and cordianted campagins. With major releases we always have to wait in Europe for the language localisation which we happen to have many of. I did read in the PS3 hype that with blue ray this language barrier as it where should be a thing of the past, we are yet to see a game released worldwide at the sametime for the PS3 proving this theory…….