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Warhawk Euro Date and Price Confirmed |

Looks like we European noobs will be getting Warhawk via the PSN around the same time as the North Americans, according to ThreeSpeech:

This is now confirmed for PSN release on August 28 for £19.99 UK or €29.99. The Blu-ray/Jabra headset bundle will follow at retail on September 21 for £39.99.

So next Tuesday it is! I’m still undecided about this. I’m leaning more towards the BD version with the Jabra headset but I’m still not 100% sure.

Warahwk’s European Date and Price Confirmed

  • freedesign420

    i wonder if warhawk will be available on monday night at 12am?
    (tuesday morning)

  • Nathaniel

    Im more for the headset bundle as i can use this with the other games i already have. GRAW 2 coming out this Friday should tide me over until this hits retail……

  • I have a headset but the Jabra has a longer battery life which is why I’m tempted to get the BD version.

  • If it becomes available on Monday night at 12am, would we all exchange PSN IDs and have an all-nighter? I’d be up or that! Anyone else? Oh, wait, if most people are buying the BD version, most people won’t get the game until later in the day. I guess they may release it in the PS Store a bit later in the morning to make it fair.

    I really appreciate the BD being bundled with a headset. What a good way to get people chatting online.

  • anthony

    cant wait this game looks amazing im waiting up till 12 tonight 2c if it hits the store i have all ready told my misses she wont be seeing me 4 a long time. my network name is pittdogg if any 1 wants to ad me 2 there friends list. see you in the skys