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Best CoD4 Multiplayer Footage Yet |

[Edit: it looks like pulled these videos. I don’t know why.]

Here are two videos showing some of the best multiplayer footage from Call of Duty 4 yet. This title for the PLAYSTATION 3 is coming out this fall. Enjoy!

Multiplayer Gameplay HD

Multiplayer Crash Site Gameplay HD


  • That looks awesome. I hope the multiplayer side is great and a big improvement over CoD3.

  • These videos show the multiplayer action pretty well, I think.

    I’m still torn, though, between buying this game for my PS3 or for a PC at work. (We are all big CoD2 fans, and play the game often at lunch or after work.)

  • Yeah but it’s important to have a lobby and create a party and chat with your friends while you find a game.

    It’s not just about how the game plays online.

    What’s great about Resistance is the ability to create and join a party and chat with your friends, then go and find games from there.

    If CoD4 has something similar then I’d buy it in a heartbeat.

  • Ah, see, I don’t care about chatting while the game starts. Usually it’s just a bunch of little kids showing off how many swear words they know.

  • I have to say I’m a bit worried about the perks. I hope it doesn’t make things too unfair. I can just imagine yahoos shooting through walls at known hiding places. That’s not my idea of fun.

  • I mean chatting privately with your friends when you create/join a party and search for a game or while looking at the stats screen after the game, not chatting in the staging screen, where idiots make stupid noises and throw insults about.

    I don’t like the idea of taking cover only to be shot through the wall. That defeats the object of taking cover.

  • ShockFly

    Er… vids don’t work anymore? And the latest CoD4 videos at are dated August 20th. 🙁

  • Hm. That’s strange. I wonder why they were pulled.