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[Rumor Again] Dual Shock 3 Coming in Oct? |

The image above is from the Official GT5 site. Hopefully it’s not the same old rumble that we already know, give us something new. Like the new rumble Immersion is working on ๐Ÿ™‚

What about all the people that have 2 – 4 Sixaxis controllers already, some kind of trade in or just sell them on eBay? Regardless I’ll be picking up at least one Dual Shock 3.

Dual Shock 3 to be released in October?

[Thanks Burtens]

  • Sporty

    I actually just sold my 2nd controller on eBay for $45. Since at E3 they said they were announcing a new peripheral at Leipzig I had a feeling I should unload it before the new one was confirmed. Would suck if it turn out to be nothing. But too much hype and rumors for that, I hope.

    Either way we’re exactly 1 hour away from Sony’s conference. So confirmation should be one way or another today(since ALL reports were pointing to this conference as the unveiling).

    One new PSN game I’m stocked about is Soldner-X. Looks like a R-Type HD type scrolling shooter. Seems PSN is were all the good titles are coming. Might have to actually get a larger HDD if this keeps up.

  • I’ll probably just pick up one SIXAXIS Rumbler. My friends can do without! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Sporty: thanks for the link! I’ve never heard of that game. It looks cool. I just hope it isn’t too hard for old folks like me!

  • Sporty

    Well nothing too interesting announced. I guess the peripheral was the TV PVR or the PS3 version of Buzz.

    Well maybe TGS will be when (if) they announce Shock axis. It would make more since to announce it when it’s ready to ship. If GT5 pro is the first game to use it. No point in announcing to people to stop buying controllers for another 2 months.

  • Matt

    They will not announce the Dual-Shock 3 until just before it goes on sale. It would stop console sales dead in their tracks and also prevent people from picking up an extra controller (for those who don’t read about video games online).

    I refuse to buy a PS3 until the new controller is included in the box. I really came close to buying the 60gb when it dropped in price. No rumble stopped me in my tracks.

    I believe the October date to be accurate. Sony really needs to gain some ground this year at X-mas. Not that the rumble would boost sales by a huge margin but anything that might help needs to be brought out.