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Online Gaming…whaaaaa? |

I’ve been pondering whether to buy GRAW 2 on the PS3 for a while now so I’ve been waiting patiently for the reviews to hit the web. One of the biggest issues for me is the quality of the online play and the options a game has, with regards to a lobby, creating a party/clan etc, to guarantee that you play with your friends, rather than with random people.

IGN has posted their review of GRAW 2 on the PS3 and snot on a stick is it a waste of time. This is what they had to say about the online play in GRAW 2:

As for the online multiplayer, GRAW 2 satisfies the very basic expectations of an online title. While we didn’t notice a great deal of lag during our game sessions, GRAW 2’s graphics do decline somewhat in multiplayer combat. This isn’t too serious of an issue though, and for the most part our games went smoothly. The chat support is somewhat impressive, since our teammates voices came in loud and clear during team matches. Although as of right now, there is no visual indicator to inform you of who is speaking at any given time, making communication more difficult than it should be. We also had to wait ten minutes before each match, since the matchmaker found so few games currently in session (or so it seemed). But this will hopefully change with time as more players start gaming online.

Yeah thanks a lot, you’ve really provided exactly the kind of info that I’m looking for. 🙄

Gamesradar’s coverage of online play in GRAW 2 is also pathetic. I’m also dismayed by the lack of reviews for a game that was released in NA earlier this week and hits the UK and rest of Europe tomorrow.

Shoddy reviews aren’t just consigned to websites and blogs. Magazines are just as guilty of failing to cover all the major aspects of a game. The same can be said about Gamecentral on teletext (one for UK readers only) that has 5 pages to cover a review and 1 page to highlight the pros and cons, yet rarely mentions how a game plays online.

Online gaming meant nothing to me before I got the PS3, now a major part in my decision to buy certain games, depends on how well it fares online and the options available. I ended up not buying Rainbow Six Vegas because of the poor reports about it’s online play (dodgy voice chat, no lobby, no party forming etc).

Both the PS3 and 360 rely heavily on connecting to the internet and online gaming so why can’t reviewers give proper coverage to the options available in online play and how a game plays, rather than sticking a paragraph right at the end of the review, which is about as helpful as snot on a stick when you badly need a bottle of water!

I’m well aware that more people play offline than online but there are still a sizeable amount of people that play online most nights, yet we’re being giving piss poor info about how a game fares in that department and I’m sick of it.

Sorry for the rant but I’m a little bit annoyed. Reviews GRAW 2

  • Hear hear! I can’t agree more.

  • Paranoimia

    Totally agree about the reviews. Every gaming publication, whether on the web or in print, is pushing the fact that onilne gaming is the “next big thing” for consoles, and yet not one of them – that I’ve seen – provide detailed information about the online features of the games.

    Rainbow Six Vegas for the PS3 has a pretty abysmal online. I tried 5 games; 3 of them were unplayable due to lag etc., and the voice comms aren’t much better than two tins and a piece of string. I personally enjoyed the single player game, but a hell of a lot of people bought it purely for the online aspect. How disappointed have they been?!

    When you consider the wonders that were achieved in the Resistance multiplayer, it seems obvious that the issues lie with lazy/inept programmers, rather than with the PS3 or PSN. Consequently, review sites and magazines simply MUST start providing in-depth analysis of the online features of the games they cover. They can’t continue to tout the wonders of online gaming in their articles, and not provide the details in their reviews.

  • Spot on, Para. Resistance isn’t perfect but the reason it’s my most played game isn’t because I’ve got nothing else to play (NGS, Oblivion, SS HD, Calling All Cars and Blast Factor all say hi), it’s because it caters brilliantly for playing and arranging games with your friends.

    If more games need to copy and improved on what Resistance has achieved to date, their sales would see a noticeable boost. If RSV had the same options as Resistance I would’ve bought it with no hesitation. Just a shame it was pretty crap.

  • GOLDen

    I’m still playing Ps2 Socom on my Ps3.
    Most people I know from Socom own a Ps3, but they are using it to play last generation games. I guess we purchased the machine on a promise of great games to come and for now we are using it to play proven online games and some movies.
    I’d prefer the Bluray to win but if it goes otherwise I’m not purchasing HD-DVD player. Upconverting DVD’s to hidef is really good.
    Sorry to go a little off topic.

  • Nathaniel

    Ok i agree with the coverage, it needs to be improved and a lot of site are openly biased towards XBOX360 that should stop.

    As for GRAW2 i got the game yesterday(came from GAME 2 days early!!) i havent played online a great deal just a quick scout around, however the manual and the options online indicated that a clan is very easy to form and join up with. You can check if your clan is playing and join them in game etc.

    There is a wealth of different online modes and options and it links through to your friend list so i imagine setting up a clan would be fairly striaghtforward, however having said that i havent tried to do this yet and with only a few people online i am waiting until the weekend to really test the online modes out.

    From what i have seen of the game it is wrth picking up for any PS3 owner, i tend to find with UBISOFT PS3 games that have been ported that details are lacking and gaming websites seem to be late in getting full copies of the games etc, i think this is a problem with UBISOFT and handling ported games because they are all over HAZE……

  • Cheers for the info Nathaniel. Could you tell us (mainly Henning) if there is 4 player splitscreen online and/or offline please?

  • Nathaniel

    Ok im not 100% sure on this i seem to remember that you could have 4 player offline and something about co-op online but i cant say for sure…… I will have a look tonight and post back here…..

  • Good stuff, cheers.

  • You beat me to it Gary! That was the question I was going to ask. Unlike some others who poo-poo the GRAW experience, I like it. But if GRAW won’t give me 4 player splitscreen offline, I’ll have to content myself with one video game purchase this week (Warhawk) instead of two (it’s my anniversary gift!).

  • Matt

    I hope that Resistance isn’t the gold standard for a long time. It would be nice if it was duplicated and exceeded in the near future. Halo 2 was the gold standard for Xbox and in a way it still is. It was very easy to use and the plethora of options was great.

    I can’t fully blame the 3rd party developers. Most developers complain about the difficulty in programming the PS3 and Sony doesn’t seem to help them out much. I am not saying that the Developers aren’t lazy but Sony needs to do their part too.

  • Nathaniel

    OK guys i can confirm that you get 4 player offline in GRAW2, you also have co-op missions and other types of game play, the options are campaign, coop missions, team missions or solo missions, quite an extensive list of options actually.

    Online seems to be solo only, iam having trouble with my connection at the moment so cant fully check this option. Hope you decide to get it, if so see you online, Soild_Nat is the tag.