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PS3 Finally Outsells the 360 for the Month of July! |

July Sales for Japan and US

This only includes US + Japan data since that is all that I could easily get a hold of. US Data from NPD. Japan Data from Media Create weekly data from 7/2-7/29

System Japan USA Combined
NDS 586,356.00 405,000.00 991,356.00
WII 349,088.00 425,000.00 774,088.00
PSP 138,486.00 214,000.00 352,486.00
PS2 55,713.00 222,000.00 277,713.00
PS3 67,200.00 159,000.00 226,200.00
360 11,848.00 170,000.00 181,848.00
GBA 2,026.00 87,000.00 89,026.00

Although, I can’t find anywhere to obtain hard Europe numbers, Sony exec David Reeves, made the following commment regarding Europe sales:

“This is not the US. [Europe’s] quite different from the US in terms of market shares.” said Reeves. “…PS3 outsells Xbox 360 about 3 to 1. PS2 outsells Xbox 360 by 4 to 1….”

Admittedly, this was a strong PS3 month with an amazing E3 show and a much needed price drop and a weak 360 month, where talk of hardware failures was at an all time high and rumored price cuts were on the way. Game releases for both systems were rather light. However, we’ll take whatever good news we can get. And as always, PS2/PSP are healthily ahead of both PS3/360 and Nintendo’s DS and Wii have a huge lead over everything else.

  • YouToo

    But when do we see PS3 graphics surpasses X360?

    GRAW2 of PS3 has some FPS issues. Hence a low rating from IGN.

  • Sporty

    Kinda reaching to including JP with US only for July.

    If you include EU and AUS then PS3 has been keeping pace since March. but still cherry picking. I think the real story is PS3 was only 11k behind in US to a console that costs $100 & $200 less.

    EU numbers are generally stronger for PS3, with UK being the main exception. Number are harder to get since each country there does their own charts.

    I don’t think either console will gain critical mass acceptance till they are within the $200 range. Sony has a better chance of reducing costs faster since they own their own chips and fabs to make them, when production ramp up and components are shrank production goes down. MS has to re-negotiate with several component suppliers and manufactures to get production down. But one loop-hole here is MS is willing to subsidize heavier where Sony’s trying to break even before cutting prices.

  • Sporty

    Probably the same time idiots stop cherry picking a few Ubisoft and EA 3rd party games to justify their ignorance on the subject.

    Most educated people know you don’t compare systems by 3rd party titles, but first party.

  • Rjcc

    any way you cut it, it’s not a good sign that even in the same month, immediately after $100 price dop, the ps3 STILL trailed the 360 in the us is a bad sign. clearly sony wasn’t expecting that result from their comments in the last few days.

    if they couldn’t beat the 360 in the us in july, when will they? at some point, they have to stop giving up ground in the race for install base and start gaining. just getting closer in price didn’t do it.

    the good news is, better games are on the way…but so is halo 3. it’ll be an interesting christmas.

  • John

    The PS3 only truly launches this christmas. Last year was just a early launch forced by MS early 360 launch.

    The interesting fact is that MS completely screwed their early launch, delivering a console with major hardware problems like no other consoles before. I have no idea how they’re getting away with it, maybe because it’s MS and people have long been accustomed to major issues in MS products?

  • YouToo

    Looking at the graph, it will take a miracle before PS3/X360 surpassed Wii (which by itself is a miracle for topping the chart).

  • But I don’t care about the Wii. I don’t care if the Wii is a runaway success, because it doesn’t have the kind of software I’m interested in. The race I’m interested in is between the PS3 and the 360, because they attract similar developers and similar games.