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Killzone 2 @ Leipzip |


Killzone 2 was being shown behind closed doors at Leipzig, and from IGN’s report, linked below, it’s looking mighty fine. IGN emphasized the fact that Killzone 2 will rely heavily on dynamic lighting effects for ambience. I have no problem with that – lighting makes a HUGE difference. As well, they reveal that the game will run at 30FPS in 720p. Not much of a surprise there.

Killzone 2 Preview

If you want some screenshots of Killzone 2 from ThreeSpeech, follow this link:

Killzone 2 Screenshots

And lastly, here’s part one of a Killzone 2 interview:

Killzone 2 Q&A: Roy Postma, Part 1

  • ShockFly

    Only 30fps at 720p? When are those 1080p games coming out? Sony has been making all sorts of claims regarding the PS3 vs. X360 HD abilities, claiming the PS3’s the only true HD gaming console, since the X360 only does 1080i or 720p. But this way Sony isn’t really the better HD console, is it?

    Maybe in the future, when studios get to know the PS3 better in regards of programming, the PS3 will be tested to its limits with 1080p games. But I really hoped the 2nd gen games would do so, guess not. Or Killzone 2 is an exception.

    Does anyone know anything about games like CoD 4, GTA IV, UT3, FIFA 08, PES 08, Assassin’s Creed, etc… and their support for 1080p?

  • CoD4, Assassin’s Creed, and UT3 are 720p, AFAIK. GT5 will be 1080p, I think.

    1080p is really hard – it’s a lot of processing. I think we’ll see 1080p for less graphics-intensive games only for the forseeable future.

  • Rjcc

    720p with more effects is a much better choice than 1080p with less effects. the system only has so much memory in it, why waste it by pumping up the resolution to a level only a fraction of the gamers have hardware to see anyway?

  • derrickgott007

    So does that mean 60fps for us 480i users? That would seem logical. And about this 1080p issue, try playing games in 480i, they still look amazing.

  • ShockFly

    I understand what y’all saying, but fact of the matter is that it’s claimed by Sony to have the only 1080p console. And I can guarantee you, people who have the equipment for 1080p (like me) can easily see the difference between 1080p and 720p. I’ve tried it with Blu-ray Discs and GT HD (which is 1080p). There really is a big difference.

    Of course, Rjcc is right when he says 720p with more effects is better than 1080p with less effects. But… the hardware is capable of producing graphics in 1080p with the same amount of effects we see in current games.

    Ah well, we’ll have to wait and see. Nevertheless, thanks for the info!