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20mins of Killzone 2 Footage |

The video below is from GDC ’07:

Looking pretty damn good. A lot of people keep banging on about how crap Killzone was, which obviously means that Killzone 2 will also be crap :roll:. It wasn’t the greatest FPS of all time but it certainly wasn’t crap. It was definitely a victim of it’s own hype but hopefully it’s sequel won’t make the same mistakes.

Killzone 2 Gameplay Demo from GDC ’07

  • YouToo


  • Pc

    I thought Killzone was pretty damn good !

  • Does anybody know if this game contains co-op?

  • Paranoimia

    Personally, I thought Killzone was pretty awesome. At least it kept me interested enough to finish it, which wasn’t the case for Halo or Halo 2. And I’m not simply knocking Xbox games… I genuinely didn’t enjoy them, and just didn’t buy into the story in the same was as I did with Killzone. I thought Doom 3 was much better on Xbox than than both Halo titles combined.

    Klllzone Liberation on PSP, while a different style, is also an excellent game. I’m very much looking forward to the continuation of the story in Killzone 2.

  • Killzone did some things well, but it had some technical limitations due to the ps2. I do think they are doing some interesting things to change up gameplay from the fps same old same old. Like the First person cover system is an interesting addtion. Most games that use cover either take you out of first person, or never put you in first persion to begin with. The employ an interesting mechanic of locking on to cover in various ways which might be cool.

  • James

    I thought Killzone was one of the PS2s better games actually. I mean, I tried halo, and didn’t like it very much (I’m not sure if it has so many fans because that was all xbox had at the time or what, but I found no interest in it). Thing was, I was in the beta test for Killzone and, to tell you the truth, I was amazed. I thought it looked great and played great and had a more realistic feel to it (didn’t like Halo because of a bland storyline, too colorful of an atmosphere for that type of game, and the weapons, like the plasma guns, were too over the top for me). The developement team was definitely the best one I’ve gotten the priviledge to work with because they were deeply involved with the beta testing community and even held matches during the test where we could take on or team up with the developers ourselves.

    As for the cover system for Killzone 2, it seems to be like the Medal of Honor: Airborn one (the demo is on XBL), where you hide behind cover and can peek around it or above it (idk about a blind fire feature).

    Killzone 2 looks amazing though, and I hope they’ll have a beta test for it that I can be a part of because I liked working with Guerilla. I’m so excited about this game though…