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Folklore Demo Impressions |

This is basically a twist on the standard action-RPG genre. Think of Diablo or Champions of Norath, but instead of collecting armor and potions and fighting with swords and spells, you fight with “folk” which are basically captured spirits. Along the way, you have to acheive various goals to upgrade your folk and gain new powers.


The artwork and animation on this game are truely beautiful. Technically it looks great, but it’s most impressive at a stylistic level. The characters, creatures, and environments are very diverse and evocative.

I don’t know how well this will extend to a full length game. But so far, this looks like a great twist on the standard action RPG formula with some hyper-stylized visuals and atmosphere to go with it. The demo is also a good length; it’s much longer than something like the Heavenly Sword demo, so you actually can really get a chance to see what the game is about.


Action RPG titles are usually too repetitive for my tastes. All games are built around some repetitive element, but for some reason, the repetition in something like Diablo is simply too blunt for me to enjoy. However, sometimes when I’m really stressed out, I want to relax with something like this, and if I do go to pick an action RPG title, it will definitely be this one.

  • Burten

    After I’ve played the demo, I can say that it is a really nice looking game, but not my cup of tea..
    Too bad, actually, but theres alot of other games in the near distance 🙂

  • derrickgott007

    I feel that I wasted my time downloading this demo….BORING!

  • freedesign420

    while i have never liked rpg’s (don’t get on my case) but i just never got it… even during the download, i was wondering how long i would allow this demo to take up my precious hard drive space. first, this game is stunning, and for me, extraordinarily fun and exciting!!! it actually gives the sixaxis a purpose, and a good one at-that. if i could make 1 change, it would be the addition of voice-overs. it would only help the brilliance of this game. so i can’t wait for this game to come out-my future geek is very happy!

  • I like action RPG’s like Champions of Norrath. I found this demo boring.

  • Darrin

    Burten, that’s my reaction to VF5 or Tekken: looks pretty but not my type of game.
    Or Warhawk: Looks great, but just another fragfest title.

    That’s why they make chocolate and vanilla.

  • derrickgott007

    Darrin, I thought the same about warhawk until I beta tested it. for being online only the levels are huge. I found myself having a ton of fun. Much like when socom 2 came out. There is more to warhawk then just flying. I spent most my time on foot killing in fun ways…..booby traps, c4 covered suicide rides that i’d bail out of and coast it into a group of enemys…. rocket launchers, grenades, sniper rifles that allow you to snipe far far far away…don’t write it off to just a flyer game. but folklore does suck….i couldn’t even attack….what a waste of 2 hrs download and 1gb of HDD space!

  • Darrin

    You couldn’t attack in Folklore? That’s easy: just hit the buttons. It’s definitely not for everyone (I will probaly only rent)

    You are probably right with Warhawk. I did beta test, but it seemed like Battlefield with less vehicle variety (only one plane, one tank, and one jeep?) and less strategy elements. However, the big flaw in Battlefield was stability: EA was constantly patching it, but every patch seemed to break something different.

    I expect Warhawk to be 100% stable and it has better graphics. And since I want to buy a headset, the headset bundle is a really attractive price.

  • MetalProxy

    This game ROCk’s and thats all there’s to it. Its not made for everyone and I can care less.

  • Darrin

    Exactly, Metal and freedesign! Good to see that some people definitely appreciate this kind of thing. Love it or hate it I guess.