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Some more Warhawk Info |

First off a big question I had was which version to buy, retail or download. After doing my research I went with the retail, only due to one fact. The ability to install demo copies of Warhawk on other PS3’s, which is great for LAN party’s. The Bluetooth headset I could care less about because I already have one. But doesn’t hurt to have a extra.

So here are the benefits of each version:

Retail – $60, Nice box, physical disc, extra game trailers, Jabra BT125 headset (charge it via USB), install a demo copy on other local PS3’s, it will cache 789MB for better loading, actually loads about the same as the download version.

Download – $40, No need to leave your house, always on your hard drive, and it’s available now.

Both will eat about the same about of hard drive space. For those wanting to “share” the game with friends via game sharing. Sorry but you won’t be able to do that with Warhawk.

There’s a warning in the game’s description on the store that says it will only be playable through the PlayStation Network account that purchased the game, and only on one machine in any 24-hour period. [Source]

Warhawk Servers Live NOW – 8/26/07
For those of you worried that there won’t be enough Sony run servers do not be afraid. Incognito has just put HUNDREDS of official ranked servers for all to use. Every possible type of game has been created. [Source]

Before I played the Beta I honestly wasn’t planning on getting this game, but after playing it. It turned into a must buy! The Warhawks are a blast to fly and very easy, fighting on the ground is fun as well. And the stages are huge, and the draw distance is great. Overall a amazing game. I’ll see you guys online! 🙂

  • jwspiker

    i’ll be purchasing the retail as well, can’t wait to play it this weekend. Anyone know if one of the demo copies can be used to play online against a server i have setup? i know i could create a vpn setup basically a remote lan setup.

  • freedesign420

    if your not excited about this game, you should be! i clocked hours of game-play in during the beta: and after staying up until 2am downloading (actual download took about 45min, depending on connection speed) this game is ADDICTIVE! i can’t wait to get home and pop-a-cap! anyway, if your on the ‘cusp’ trust me, cough up the $40 and buy this game!
    if your interested in joining a smoked-out (we may be stoners, but very into playing warhawk the way it was intended…from the earth) 420 clan give me a holler=id: freedesign

  • jwspiker: I’m not sure what you’re asking. What demo copies? There’s no demo… (is there?).

  • jwspiker is referring to installing a temporary (demo) copy of Warhawk on other PS3’s and that way all the PS3’s can connect and battle together.

  • Nathaniel

    I am waiting for the retail version in the UK so i will see you guys at the end of September…… i am tempted by the online version but i need a headset and the retail bundle is good value to me plus i need to get rid of this dam Game voucher i have had for months…….

  • The money is in my Playstation Store wallet already

  • So then I guess the answer to jwspiker’s question would be “no”. I think that the “demo” copies are only for use with LAN games, not Internet games.

  • With the “demo” copies you can play online as well actually.

    jwspiker: To do what you are thinking you’ll need 2 PS3’s

  • Really? Do they need to be on the same LAN as you? What’s to stop you from installing a bunch of demo copies on a bunch of friends’ machines?

  • Wreckheart

    anyone actually know how to share dowloaded titles with another ps3???

    I tried logging on on my friends ps3 but it said i wasnt allowed!

  • No exact details how the “demo” copies work yet, just than you can. And Wreckheart no you can’t share the download version of Warhawk sorry.

    See this link

  • Wreckheart

    @ tosh

    i know i cant share warhawk, but i should be able to share other games calling all cars, mortal kombat 2, flow and such.

  • jwspiker

    basically, there are websites out there that allowed you to play halo 1 online by simulating a lan environment, so i was just wondering if that would be needed or if we could use the temporary, 2nd copies of warhawk for lan play accross other friends.

    I’m very excited for this game, and figureing out how the demo/temporary copies of the game work.

  • TixSoul

    OMG…Thursday seems so far…After I’ve played it in the beta trials now I’m still waiting for the PAL release on the Playstation Store!!! Wait for me…I’ll be ready!!!

  • bob davey

    You guys really liked this game in the Beta? It actually turned me off to this game. Vehicles were too easy to destroy, soldiers on foot easily outmatched tanks, warhawks, etc. Servers crashing, ps3 locking up, even after they said that fixed that issue.
    It was fun, for the first 10 or so hours, when it was new, but after that, it got old, especially with the lockups. As far as shooters go, CoD3 is still more fun, to me.

  • jwspiker

    has anyone confirmed that this demo/temporary creation works?

  • Well the Blu-ray version of Warhawk comes out tomorrow, so we’ll know a little more about it then.

  • Razalden

    I love the direct download concept and hope more PS 3 games become available this way. I’m downloading my game right now!

  • I got the retail version. I wanted the headset (plus, here in Canada it was just $40 at Bestbuy for getting the disc w/headset).

  • jwspiker

    i purchase blu ray version and i believe the temp only works on lan’s, there seems to be a way to do a lan login, not sure if that’s it or not.

  • Has anybody figured out how to install the game sharing ( demo install ) thing???? I don’t see a option to do so.

    Here is a video of the developer explaining the demo copy