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60GB SKU Running Low On Stock |

Sony exec David Karraker said regarding the 60GB SKU,

“We no longer have any inventory in SCEA warehouses. All inventory has been purchased and shipped to retailers,”

It sounds like there is still plenty of stock for the moment, but the time is drawing near where there are supply issues with the 60GB SKU.

Now, place your bets everyone!

Price Drop: Point of Entry stays below $599

I’m betting on this one. While Sony definitely doesn’t always do what seems to make the most sense to us, I’m still betting they will continue to provide sub-$599 points of entry. Ozymandias bet on a $399 point of entry, which seems a little optimistic, but we shall see.

While Sony has been clear about their intent to return to a single SKU approach, I suspect that may not rule out different bundling options as they are doing with the forthcoming revised PSP launch.

No Price Changes: Point of Entry returns to $599. No cheaper options available.

IGN, Arstechnica, and other sites have assured us that this is what will happen. I don’t think they have any insider information, they just seem to be reporting their speculation as fact and adding a negative spin.

  • ehandlr

    Its brilliant really. Its creating an almost false shortage to spurn more immediate sales. We all know how shortages affect consumer purchase a la Wii.

    By announcing the 60 gig sku will be gone, and no info on a price drop with the 80 gig, they are creating a shortage of the cheaper version which will make people jump on the wagon faster then they might have wanted to.

    I’m sure there will be an overlap (2 – 3 months) where the 80 gig will remain the only purchaseable PS3 (with Motorstorm). Then right around Xmas, I see them unbundling the 80 gig for a $500 sku for the relief purchasers.

  • Just because I think it would be the best thing for Sony to do, and I’m hoping that they don’t screw this up, I’m gonna say that once all the 60GB PS3’s are gone, they’ll wait a tiny bit and then decrease the 80GB down to $499.

  • I don’t understand why Sony has to put such a huge hard drive into their machines. I understand it from a storage pint of view. But, if Sony were to release the PS3 with HDMI and a 20 gig hard drive with the wifi and everything the larger unit has they could sell it for less. Unless they really need the 20 to 30 dollars they make off of including the 80 gig hard drive. It would just make sense to let everyone who needed to upgrade their own hard drive. It’s USB 2.0. anyone could do that. And anyone with technical smarts would be able to install their own internal hard drive. Go for inexpensive Sony. And start promoting it as a Bluray player.

  • Darrin

    mcloki, Sony has said that going from 60GB to 80GB cost very little on their side. I suspect they couldn’t achieve much cost savings by going with a smaller HDD. Maybe they should offer a cheaper version with no HDD, for the users who buy a PS3 and immediately replace the included HDD.

  • ehandlr

    Sony can’t give away the 20 gig version. They were on sale for $450 at Gamestop and still are now on the website even with as few as been manufactured because nobody will buy them.

    Leaving out an HDD wouldn’t work since it has to come pre-installed with the OS and many games don’t give the option for HDD cache use.

    I have less then 18 gigs left on my 60 gig right now….I guess I’ll have to upgrade myself.

  • iFlash

    In my crystal ball I see … 80Gb system alone(I’ll call it naked) will sell for 499USD and the 600USD with a)game(leaning towards this option) or b) second controller. I also see a rumbling controller already being used by the developers of haze.


    My theory – Also posted on Kotaku a while back — Right before the controller is blurred, he walks up and says 9:42 in: “so this is Alex….” – The angriest coder at free radical — as he is walking up, the controller is black and looks like a PS3 controller.
    Edit: When Placed down, the controller runs on the desk to his arm.
    They seem to be hiding something else about that controller…
    Note: (All the producers from Ubisoft that play the game use a PS3 controller…3:29 in: but when he drops the controller it makes loud sound…not as loud as I would expect a PS3 controller to make, at least not the current one.)
    Edit: Could just be me hearing things..

    The last Blur… at 10:51 the remove the blur for a split second and it again looks like a PS3 controller. I am going to have to say something is different with that controller and the rumble rumors are very plausible.

    September may bring us new controller:

    PS What happened to The Getaway — Hoping its so good they are hiding it and showing it of at TGS

  • Sporty

    I kinda agree the 80GB will be under 500 by Christmas. Probably strip away Motorstorm. Might add something to the current motorstorm bundle like iFlash was saying.

    I think the rumble controller is just waiting for games and it wont be announced till it’s about to ship. It’s only common sense really. No point in saying something better is coming to wait.

    I’m just hoping that it’s the touchsense rumble. I’m sure it is since Immersion kinda let that leak already. But at least with that they can say this isn’t last gen rumble.

    I wouldn’t expect Getaway any time soon really. I think (could be wrong) London studio is mainly on Home right now with help from Tokyo. Probably be a next fall game.

  • MetalProxy

    Ahh this is just flame bait…by the end of the year there will be more things to make you buy a PS3 other than the god forsaken price. The high price hasnt kept the children away neither.

    But if I was to make a bet I would say it will be at 500 when its all said and done.

  • Matt

    I am hoping for a $499 80gb with the new rumble controller. That is when I might jump on board with a PS3 (well most likely sometime next year as I will have no time to play another system).

    It wouldn’t shock me if the price drops to $499 and stores offer a free game or second controller (authorized through Sony). Sony Really needs this X-mas to be somewhat successful. They don’t have to win but they do need to sell a similar amount of systems with the other two. If they fall behind another 2-4 million they will never catch up IMO. This doesn’t mean that they will not sell 50 million plus systems, just they won’t be first.