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Haze Goes PS3 Exclusive |

No matter what some people argue, I believe that exclusive titles can only help a platform. That’s why I was glad to hear that the previously timed-exclusive game (as far as we knew), Haze, is now a real exclusive. Haze is a shooter that’ll be coming out this fall exclusively for the PLAYSTATION 3, and no PC or 360 versions are currently in development or planned.

Haze currently has 17% of the fall shooter vote, according to our informal poll. I’ll definitely be renting it myself, and if it impresses, I might even pick it up. They seem to be giving us everything we want in a shooter, especially some good multiplayer options.

Haze PC and 360 drop off the map

[Thanks Jason and Glitch.]

  • Pc

    I’ll pick it up simply because it is an exclusive, but it has to get a decent review also. I love shooters 🙂

  • Darrin

    If these can bring something innovative or new to the genre, I will definitely buy. However, it’s hard to see whether that will happen or not. This is definitely a wait-and-see title for me.

  • Lifendz

    UT3 is the big fish that we need to land as exclusive. Haze is a start, but it’s going to get lost amid all the games coming out later this year. Therefore it’s going to have to really shine to impress.

  • Nathaniel

    I will keep an eye on this one but COD:4 has everything i need in a shooter for now….

  • Mike

    Is there any indication as to whether Sony got this as an exclusive because they believe it has a lot of potential or if Ubisoft just feels it isn’t worth the cost of porting because it won’t sell? Ubisoft very rarely does non-Microsoft exclusives, I’m a bit wary of this.

  • I’m wary of this as well. This game, from the very first news of it, had “mediocre” written all over it.