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Reviews: Heavenly Sword + Lair + Warhawk |

Ratings Graph

The first three hotly anticipated Sony published PS3 exclusives of the season haven’t been received too well.


I’ve never played this game and it always seemed like a wildcard, but I never would have thought it would have bombed this bad. Sometimes reviewers are known for becoming overly-emotional and giving an unfair irrational review. Unfortunately, it seems like that isn’t the case; Lair just seems like a genuinely failed game. IGN actually used the sub-title, “a sixaxis suckfest”. Ouch!

Does anyone else feel bad for the developers? Hey, if a game is bad, it’s the obligation of the reviewers to score it as such, and fans such as myself definitely don’t want to buy it. But, those developers put so much work into that title it’s hard not to wince for them.

Heavenly Sword

This looks like an OK title with very mixed reviews rather than the spectacular game we were hoping for. I expected this title to turn out this way, but I’m sure it will make an awesome rental.


The best received game of the bunch. Those scores are very hot and cold. Some people love it, others hate it. Plenty of people are clearly ecstatic about this title and are getting their money’s worth several times over, while others, such as myself feel that the multi-player shooter genre is very crowded and competitive, and there are better alternatives.


I’m really disappointed with Lair, but this is a small disappointment at the start of the season. All the big releases are still ahead of us. September is looking to be a very strong month, but October and November are the peak months with the real AAA titles!

UPDATE: Fixed 1UP Warhawk Score.

  • YouToo

    That is a cool graph. We can see how gamesites and games are being rated.

  • Martin

    You got the 1up score wrong, as far as i can see the score is 85.

  • Rjcc

    I played lair at CES and found the controls frustrating, I’m not at all surprised by that, and I didn’t like the taste of HS in the demo. Why can’t I get a warhawk demo, not everybody was in the beta, lol.

  • After having hours of fun with Warhawk last night, I have now realised that the ground combat (on-foot) is crap. I don’t know what’s exactly wrong but I think it’s something to do with the aiming reticle and the way it moves. There’s some auto aiming but it’s still hard to get head-shots.

    It might be that I just need to change the sensitivity settings or something and if there actually is anything wrong with the aiming, I’m sure they could fix it as easy as pie with an online update, right?

    Despite one or two little gripes and groans I had with it, this game still totally rocks and barrel rolls and for me, was definitely worth the money. If it’s good enough to quench my bloodthirst until Halo 3, it’s worth every penny.

    One more thing; hardly anyone seems to have headsets yet on the European servers, which is probably because no one has bought the BD version yet.

  • mpz

    The kids at IGN just seem to hate anything to do with the motion sensing on the sixaxis – it doesn’t really matter what it is. Even in the otherwise positive preview of Uncharted they always referred to it negatively – e.g. as ‘tacked on’ and other disparaging comments. I can’t remember what they said about Warhawk, it wouldn’t surprise me if they were similar. Their review of Heavenly Sword was rubbish – now that was something that looked tacked on, one short page and some random numbers at the end.

    Plenty of people seem to love the motion controls – I mean the Wii controls are pretty sloppy and everyone seems to love those for some reason. The comments of the low frame rates and tearing are disappointing though (in both lair and hs) – but how can you tell what is real on a blog comment and what is just flames from a bored kid?

  • limelicker

    You might want to use a site that compiles all the scores from a different site into a composite score. It usually provides a much better measurement for the game overall. is a really good one to check.

    As someone else mentioned, one of your Warhawk review scores is way off.

    Also, the review scores currently published on some sites from a few weeks back will likely be updated as those reviews were off a different build than the release build. General feedback from some of those who have played the release build were more positive than those reviews from the old build.

  • Do Your research more accurately

    Your 1 up score for WarHawk is incorrect.

    Your comparison chart is incomplete, because of missing scores for Heavenly Sword and Lair.

  • Darrin

    Sorry about the 1UP Warhawk score mistake. It’s fixed. It was an honest mistake, guys.

    Am I missing scores for Heavenly Sword or Lair? I intentionally only included a four of the bigger publications. However, GameSpot only reviewed Warhawk out of the three titles.

  • Martin

    After having hours of fun with Warhawk last night, I have now realised that the ground combat (on-foot) is crap.
    What? I love the on foot part. I actually prefer it over flying.

    I was pleasantly surprised about how good warhawk was. And some complain about the price being a little high for a online only game. Maybe in US. But in Norway, a game that cost $ 60 in the US cost about $ 100 here. With most computer stuff you can multiply the price by 10 instead of 6 which is the exchange rate. But games on the PSN operates by the exchange rate. So compared to retail prices, it’s a great deal.

  • Dave

    I honestly don’t know why the reviews are so bad for lair…My friend got it last night and we played for hours because it was so cool. I didn’t find the motion controls difficult at all and it actually helped me feel more involved in the game. Also slightly confused how it only got a 4.9 on ign when 3 of the five sub-division of their rating system got a 7.5 or higher…It seems to me like someone who wants to enjoy sixaxis needs to review this game, not someone who isn’t willing to try and learn something new.

    PS. If this were a wii game they would have said the controls are very fine tuned and perform well…

  • Darrin

    mpz, IGN rated Warhawk pretty highly which makes heavy use of the sixaxis. Also, reviewers have been critical of Wii controls too, and many Wii games have gotten pretty poor reviews, the difference is that Wii is selling really well.

    Martin, I agree: the foot combat is fine. The game is a solid hit for those who want a game of that type. But, let’s see how it holds up against UT3/CoD4/Haze…

  • I don’t know about the scores. Especially Lair seems to be rated VERY harsh (never had too high hopes for HS, imho it’s just a nicer GoW), because of its control scheme (several people I talked to love Lair, yes, the kind that already have it).

    Lair seems very hit and miss. Many outlets rate it high, many low. Since I put most faith into Eurogamers reviews, I usually ignore many others (1Up etc. are on my blacklist). They gave HS a 7, which is pretty good for them (GeoW got an 8, Warhawk too and so did Halo 2).

    But to add to that… Warhawk ROCKS! I’d never thought that I’d like a console shooter, but I do!

  • Matt

    This isn’t all that good for Sony. These are the games we have heard a ton about for the past year and for the most part they have failed. Warhawk seems to be a solid game, but how many people are going to rush out and buy a PS3 to play it. The only great thing I heard about Lair was that it will make you appreciate a $5000 home theater, which does peak my interest.

    None of these games were supposed to move a lot of systems. But these are some of the biggest 1st party titles Sony has this year. I am a person who really wants a PS3 but still the exclusives available don’t equal purchase. I am really hoping for GT5, MGS4, and some other early titles of 2008 to show me that I am an idiot to wait any longer.

    On a brighter note if you only own a PS3, the 2nd and 3rd party holiday release schedule is insane this year.

  • Pc

    Well, i currently own both Lair and Warhawk and can personally tell you from a true gamers standpoint, that their both badass and the motion controls are not difficult to use!!!! They simply need some time to get used to since everybody has been using joysticks for the past 10 years or so, that’s all. I for one love the motion controls and am pretty good with them. I can grasp things pretty quickly 🙂

  • Rjcc

    You can update the table, gamespot gave lair a 4.5

    First line of the review: “You shouldn’t play Lair”


  • Rui

    I bought the downloadable version of Warhawk on Europe’s day one.
    After reading the manual that was released yesterday, I can finnaly lock my missiles AND escape from them.

    Now that I master some of the techniques, the game just got even more addictive.
    I’m rooting for the PS3 to do alright in this “next-gen” war, but if the game sucked, I’d be the first to say it – like R6V, for example; I think it was an awful port…

    This game is addictive and fun as hell. 9/10.

  • I read the PSM review of Warhawk and it was rediculously harsh. It heavily penalizes the game for not having bots and being too expensive, even though one can buy the PSN version for cheaper, the article talks as if that doesnt exist. They complain about a tank or RPG being able to take down a warhawk, doesnt that sound believable?

  • Darrin

    Thanks Rjcc. Added GameSpot Lair score…