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Warhawk Disappoints |

I decided to download Warhawk from the PSN last Thursday night rather than wait until Sept 21st for the BD version. My initial impressions of Warhawk is that it’s a flawed gem with great potential but let down by a few glaring oversights.

Firstly, I can’t believe you have to press L3 in order to speak to your team mates. I tried talking to my friends and clanmates or warning them about campers a number of times, only to realise I hadn’t pressed L3 so they hadn’t heard a word I’d said. I gave up in the end as it was too much of a hassle pressing L3, especially when you’re flying a Warhawk, when L3 controls the damn thing.

Edit: I forget to mention the sound quality of voice chat on Warhawk. Everybody sounds like a robot with a heavy cold. Rubbish.

Another problem I found was when our clan joined a game, we were split up, with 3 of us on one team and one of us on the other. 😕 What’s the point of being in a clan when you end up on opposing sides? I want to play alongside my friends not against them.

For a game that was built for online play only, it lacks some major features that makes online play enjoyable.

Resistance is almost 1 year old yet Insomniac got it’s online infrastructure pretty much spot on from day one. Until the above issues with Warhawk are resolved I doubt I’ll spend much time on it.

Resistance is still The King of online gaming on PS3 for me.

  • hollywooda

    they just cant seem to get online games right on the PSN….

  • Nathaniel

    I havent got the game yet, but im sure these are things that can be rectified via an update or patch, however as a game billed for online play i agree that these are things that could have been implemented better from the start.

    Still gonna buy it though……

  • Pc

    It’s a really badass/addicitve game, but if those things were fixed, it would be the best for sure !!

  • Gary

    I’m not denying it’s not fun because it is, it’s just they have left out some very important features that should be in from the start.

  • You have a clan? Send me the info. I’m not very good But I do like the game. It can get very interesting when there are ground battles.

  • Hm,

    first of, let me say, I like the game 😀

    The “press l3 to speak” is MUCH better than voice activation, as many people often listen to music or whatever while playing, so I don’t have to listen to their crap all the time (coming from a “wow addict”).

    The splitting of clan members is a server side switch I think (balance or unbalance team, you can even force “same console, same team”), but in the official Sony servers, auto balance teams is on by default, which causes this.

    My problem is, that my dsl line is only man enough for 4 freaking players… What the heck is that all about? I have 384kbit/s upstream, which is enough to host 10 UT 4×4 matches (or something along these lines), yet a new game which 10times the bandwidth a 33k modem does can only host a 4 player match? That is WRONG I tell you!

  • mcloki, Our clan is just a bunch of friends and family that play purely for fun, we’re not looking for any new members or anything. Not sure if that’s what you were implying or not. It’s the Yuuzhan Vong clan.

    Segitz, Resistance has a round balance that doesn’t separate clans, although since the update, the rounds rarely seem to balance anymore. You can also mute people or go to a private squad. There’s no reason why this can’;t be the case in Warhawk.

  • Plus the sound clarity is awful.

  • derrickgott007

    In the BETA test of Warhawk it was open mic, and it was Horrible…Too many people just yelling and too much background noise. Beta testers, such as myself, ASKED for them to change it to PTT (Push To Talk). With the advent of bluetooth mics and their distance from your mouth, they tend to pick up every background noise. I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I heard couples fighting, dogs barking, people talking about everything BUT warhawk….So PTT is better.

    And you really need to work on your titles for these posts….

    You personally don’t like PTT so you deem the whole game “Disapointing”? That’s what’s called “SENSATIONALISM”…which is usually used to “Pump up” a weak story.

  • It’s a blog post from me so it’s my opinion. I’M disappointed with Warhawk hence the title. It’s not a story it’s my experience from playing Warhawk. Understand?

    As I’ve said in a comment above, you have the option to mute people in Resistance or change to a different squad, you should have these options in Warhawk.

    You think PTT is better I don’t.

  • CrashSharc

    ^^^^ Obviously you weren’t in the BETA, and have no Idea how horrible it was WITHOUT PTT…

    I seriously have to stop coming to this site, every time you guys just whine about the stupidest little things, and I’m not just basing this off of this one article. WAH WAH WAH… bunch of emos. Warhawk disappointing because of PTT and because your clan was split up on a RANKED and BALANCED server? I loled.

    Well if you aren’t going to be “spending time on it” because of that, your loss. GOD you Euros whine too much….

  • HachiRoku

    Bwahahaha.. I totally agree with Derrickgott007 and CrashSharc!
    I was on the BETA as well, and I could not stand hearing babies crying in the background, player’s kids sitting next to them and talking, the TV in the background, etc.
    Also, there were times where I was stuck on the same team as a group of friends, and so while we’re playing, they would be talking about ANYTHING BUT THE MATCH! It was super annoying…
    I agree that some sort of filter would be nice, and I’m sure they will figure something out in a future patch. But as it is, it’s MUCH BETTER than the alternative to PTT. (trust us)
    …and having your clan split up on a RANKED/BALANCED server is normal. Because if it didn’t, you can imagine someone would be complaining as well… =/

  • Gary

    It wasn’t a ranked server it was a custom game with at least 6 free spaces. Splitting up clans is stupid. What’s the point of joining as a group when the group gets seperated. The whole point of being in a clan or playing with a group of friends, is to play together. What’s hard to understand about that. 😕

    As I’ve said before but maybe I’m not saying it clearly enough, you should have the option to MUTE people you don’t want to hear or go to a private squad where you can chat freely and privately. This is what is so great about Resistance, that and the ability to create a party and chat in the lobby while you find a game.

    Warhawk is a big disappointment in this respect and I think it’s missing some key elements that would make the experience more enjoyable.

    I’m sorry if I’m dissing your beloved Warhawk though. 😆

  • The game is fun and everything but at the end of the day, it’s a multiplayer-only game and the online infrastructure is ****ed up so badly that the game is almost literally unplayable because you can’t join any servers. Ok, you can join servers but it takes like n hour to get onto a ranked server and it feels kinda pointless to play on an unranked server because you want to be able to customise your character as a reward.

    It makes me wanna sell my PS3. It really does.

  • Jason

    Warhawk is probably the best online experience I’ve ever had. (Even better then SOCOM 2)

    PTT is the only way to go if you want to have any meaningful tactical discussions.

    Bluetooth is crap. My original Socom usb headset is infinitely better.

    Balanced / Randomized teams are server options. If you want to keep your clan together than why not host your own games and leave team switch on?


  • Rjcc

    A negative review of warhawk, after other outlets gave it a good score? clearly, ps3blog is biased against the ps3.

  • shea

    The l3 to talk may be annoying. But I can’t count how many times I have played R6V, or R:FoM and have someone breathing into the damn mic so badly it sounds like they are filming a porno in my basement. The only thing worse, is someone blaring Kanye West in the background, so we all have to hear it (seems like it is always rap, when it is blaring in the bg). Not only is that annoying, it wastes bandwidth.

  • CrashSharc

    you still don’t get it do you? it doesn’t matter what server you are on, If they have “Balance teams” checked, you and your posse can’t just go in as a one big group and F*CK up the balanced team. Is it really that hard to understand? I’m sorry, this is probably your first time playing an on-line game and I’m probably going a little hard on you. Here’s a towel, now stop crying and play the damn game…

  • dean

    game is so fun…. some people want everything right away….. as good as socom2

  • Sarlac

    uh, you CAN mute individual players.

  • John

    I have to agree there:
    – PTT is a whole lot better than mic open all the time.
    – squads *should* be split on balanced servers, period.

    Failing either of these points can totally ruin an online game.

  • Martin

    Sarlac is right, you can mute players. And I don’t find having to press L3 is a hassle at all. If anything, it’s too easy..

  • Dartmerc

    God this game is awesome. So much fun.
    On the note of not being able to host large games, I’m on a 10mb connection and can host a 12 player game which is a good number. If I ever want more, i’ll just use a cable instead of wireless. The player limitation is there so that lag is destroyed, maybe its a little overkill, but it sure as hell works, have not noticed any lag at all.
    The two things I think would make this game better, would be the ability to put auto weapon switch on, and to have a few customisation choices without leveling up. Also an overhauled gui would be nice.

  • iFlash

    Great Game ….Bad voice chat clarity since beta. FUN FUN FUN Give it another try man.

  • Gary

    I gave it a try last night and had zero fun. I feel like I’ve wasted £20. It’s just not for me.

  • iFlash

    Can’t like em all..Just not your game. There are plenty of high profile games everyone loves that I never got into. Shadow of the Colossus comes to mind.

  • At least you’ve gave an intelligent and balanced response, iFlash. The way some people have reacted to my post, you’d think I just insulted their mother AND sister! 😆

  • Samus

    I’m stunned with the way CrashSharc has been so nasty in this discussion. It’s baffling why he doesn’t understand your opinion. You have pointed out that, whilst flying a warhawk and taking on other things, it’s nice to be able to just chat freely with friends rather than having to push down on the button you’re using for flight controls. Resistance has implemented this perfectly by having multiple squads that you can join. Bear in mind that Resistance supports more players (up to 40) so if the voice chat was a problem, we would have noticed. As it is, you simply join a squad with your friends and chat away. If another part of the team happens to be in the same squad, you simply change or mute the appropriate players. It’s dead easy and allows hassle free comms. In addition the comm quality in Resistance is far superior.

    The point about clanmates sticking together is also completely valid. Some posters seem to think that the blog poster does not understand the reasons for round balancing or the reasons the team was split. This is obviously not true. What the blog poster wants is the ability to enter a game as a party and let the game sort out the balancing before the round starts. Resistance has a staging area where teams are matched up. If the numbers are okay, off the match goes. As it is, Warhawk has no staging area, no party matching system and nothing that can match Resistance in that regard. Warhawk plays brilliantly and could be an excellent game, but this is an online online game and so basic features like parties and squads for free communication are things that should be implemented without the need for asking. It looks like, on the comm front at least, the beta testers have really let us down.

  • Darrin

    Wow, what a hotly debated thread!

    Warhawk isn’t my type of game either (too many generic deathmatch/CTF fragfest games already), but clearly lots of people love it.

  • Dartmerc

    The method of chat in this game is PPT. Is it implemented in the best way it can be? Close to.
    And to Samus, Warhawk allows joining games mid round, allowing for quick in – out gameplay, which the developers have said they’ve focused on.
    Sure, they could remove this and implement a more resistance style of ranked game and round ballancing, but I’ll tell you now, more people will complain about that, especially when what the blogger is complaining about can be achieved by changing a single setting.

  • SolidSlug

    Warhawk is the most online fun I have had in ages.
    And I do like one has to press L3 to talk. I don’t need people to hear me talk to my dog, daughter or wife while I play.

  • Ah…I agree with what some people said, Warhawk is too good a game to diss it like this on account of some little flaws, what about the positive aspects of the game…you’d have a lot more to write about

  • The negatives are preventing me from enjoying the positives. Until they fix the gripes I have with the game I can’t see that changing any time soon.

    I tried to play it yesterday afternoon but couldn’t get past the damn user agreement! I tried for 30mins then I gave up.

  • Paranoimia

    I also find the PTT function annoying. They could at least have had the option to switch between that and open-mic.

    There’s also no need to split Clans in games. Resistance manages it fine, and makes up the other team with ‘odd’ players, if necessary.

    That said, I think it’s bizarre that they didn’t borrow more online functionality from Resistance. They could have implemented squads, so you can only hear the people in your party/clan on open-mic. That would have solved most of the issues in one go.

    For a launch title, Resistance got the party/clan/comms handling pretty much spot on, and until someone comes up with something better, should be the benchmark for all online PS3 titles.

    And CrashSharc – your ignorance and arrogance is astounding. If you think it’s only the “Euros” whining about this, I suggest you check out the US PlayStation forums and the official PlayStation Blog – there’s plenty of you Americans doing exactly the same thing.

  • Samus

    Dartmerc, that’s a good point and definitely a valid aim. It’s fun to have an online game that you can just dip in and out of, but why they have to go to such an extreme is beyond me. Would it not be incredibly easy to have custom games as they are now, some with round balancing, some without (advertized properly in the joining area), so that clans can stick together if they want and then a better, Resistance style joining procedure for others (say, ranked games).

    I think they key point is this: different people look for different things in their online experience. Some of us are after the social aspect as much as the gaming side of things, enjoying spending time with friends perhaps even more than we enjoy playing the game. Warhawk, as an online hive of fun, should have a proper structure in place to cope with all tastes. If some people can’t wait thirty seconds for a match to be found (Resistance style) and feel the need to quit at a moment’s notice, there should be servers for them, but for those that want to have rounds setup where they play together as a team, in a clan, against other equal teams, then something new needs to be done.

    As for the comms though… there’s really been nothing said to suggest that not having squads of some sort is good thing. Sure, many don’t want to hear some guy’s dog barking, but we’re not talking about completely open comms. The extremes (PTT and open comms) are both silly. What the game needs are squads or something similar so that friends can get together with open comms. If somebody crashes the party, it’s easy enough to mute them.

  • Dean

    GARRY… I have had that problem twice now… I turned off my PS3 and turned it back on and both times it worked right away. BTW, how much have you played yet… The curve on this game is pretty steep and I keep enjoying it even more each time…. BTW, I host ranked servers when Im not playing.. Its called DeanR (my PSN name). And if theres a password on it (when my friends want a closed room).. the pass will be DeanR also.

  • I’ve played around 6 or 7 custom matches and a couple of private games just getting used to the vehicles and maps.

    I’ll give it another go once I can actually log into the damn thing. I have no problem signing into Resistance, Calling All Cars etc yet I’ve tried two days in a row to log in to Warhawk and it won’t let me.