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Download Firmware v1.92 Now |

Just turned on my PS3 to find firmware 1.92 available for download. Not sure what it does yet but it’s probably just minor stuff. It’s currently at 20% after 1min.

I’ll update this post when I find more info.

The official features list doesn’t give much away but a few posters on various forums such as the PS Forums and NeoGAF, seem to think the update contains the following (these are rumours not 100% confirmed):

* Ability to add Flash wallpapers
* Faster XMB load times
* Improved Internet Browser
* Auto power off for the controllers
* Thumbnails in the video section
* Synchronized game clips in the games folder load up
* Faster transition from game to XMB
* Updated PSOne/PS2 controller compatibility


  1. No one knows how to add Flash wallpapers. Ugh…would be so cool. Flash plays really slow on the ps3 internet.

  2. Yeah, you can’t click ‘Save Image’ so maybe it’s not even true that you can use Flash wallpapers on the PS3.

  3. I could have sworn my controllers used to go off after one of the updates and then later stopped doing it with a newer update.

  4. Maybe the flash wallpaper will be available via PSN, for example loco roco or maybe flow? Just thinking out loud.

  5. Sorry guys but there nothing in this update…

    The PLAYSTATION®3 system software version 1.92 update includes the following:


    Playability status with the PS3TM system has changed for some PLAYSTATION®3 format titles*.

    * This does not affect titles in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Oceania.

    None of these “great & useless features” are in this update…

    I’m more disapointed by this update than by Warhawk :)))))

  6. 😆

  7. I love updates and don’t really care what’s in each inidivual one, so long as all the good stuff comes eventually ! As far as Warhawk goes, it’s one kickass game for $40 !!!!!!

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