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PS3 Gamer Tags |

We’ve just gotten notice that a new PS3 oriented gamer tag service has launched:

PS3 Tag

Has anyone used this service or one like it? Let us know what you thought!

  • PS3tag is the newest tag service for PS3 owners. Their designs leave a lot to be desired if you ask me. Yes, they have nearly 300 different designs but there may be a dozen, at most, that are actually worth using.

    A much better alternative, (notice the difference?) exists but they’ve been having a difficult time keeping up with demand. The site is down as we speak. I’m hoping they get things sorted out since their designs and options are head and shoulders above anything else out there right now.

  • Darrin

    Filthy, could you explain what a “tag service” is? Where/how do you use these tags? Does this just generate/maintain those little identity graphics for posting on various discussion boards? Sorry to be so naive…

  • Sporty

    I tried a bit. You have to update it on your own. It’s basicly used for a sig on message boards and forums. Like how 360 player use their Gametags on forums.

    Can’t link it here as a sig probably but here’s my pathetic tag 😀

    These services are probably going to be obsolete in a few months though since sony is planning on their own Points and card service

  • These sort of things are ok as a substitute but it just isn’t as good as actual gamertags that will update themselves as needed.

  • derrickgott007

    I personally don’t trust them….They ask for your log in and password for the PSN. Who’s to say that one of the people there don’t decide to start getting into peoples PSN.

  • Lord Eggbox

    Would be great if PSN actually did it. I’m sure it may well do once Home, trophies and personal Home web blogs eventually go live.

    These ones look big and horrible to be perfectly honest. Redesign it and I may say it’s good. More minimal please 😛

  • Fragger, I dont think you really ever looked at our offering .. you took a quick look in our beta and formulated your opinion then. We have recently aquired (notice the difference).

    at derrickgott007: we do not ask for such a thing .. we actually tell you to NOT USE YOUR PSNID & PASSWORD you should learn how to read.

    a little history .. the XBL gamer tags started as a user created effort. 😉

  • my gamertag id CoD6