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CoD4 has No PS3 Competition? |

Infinity Ward’s Grant Collier had this to say about their upcoming title Call of Duty 4, and its competition:

Some people say ‘Oh gosh, there’s this big competition out there and so we should move our ship date because we’re feeling uncomfortable’. We love competition. I think for the 360 it’s pretty much Halo 3 that’s the competition so we’re going after who we think are at the top of the game right now and we want to take those guys on. On PC I guess I’m hearing a lot about Crysis right now. Those guys kind of came right out from nowhere. There’s lots of buzz around that game. On PS3 we’re number one.

Is Mr. Collier right? Do games like Haze and UT3 on the PS3 pose such little threat to CoD4? My guess is that Mr. Collier may end up being right. I know CoD4 is my most anticipated title this fall. And according to my informal poll, it now has 30% of the fall shooter vote, more than any other. (Warhawk is second with 18%, Haze third with 17%, and UT3 is fourth with 14%.)

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  • He may be right. I don’t see Haze and UT3 as competition directly. Nor really is Halo 3. While they’re all FPS games, they’re quite different. Haze, UT3 and Halo are probably the ones competing against each other, since they’re based in the realms of sci-fi, while CoD4 is aiming more for realism… even if it is still fictional.

    I’d say that CoD4’s more direct competition is from titles like MoH Airborne and the like… FPS games based in the ‘real’ world.

    I’ll definitely be getting both CoD4 and Haze. I don’t have a 360, so I won’t be getting Halo 3 – though even if I did, I still wouldn’t bother. I had the first 2 for my Xbox, found them both pretty tedious and never bothered completing them – so I’d avoid the third anyway. At the moment, I’m unlikely to bother with UT3 either.

    And although it’s a way off, I still think Killzone 2 will beat all of them, though… at least it will for me personally! I loved the original to bits, and can’t wait for the second!

  • freedesign420

    CoD4 is hennings most anticipated game…? what’s that you say: we couldn’t have figured that out by your 3,021 posts of every random video second known to the interweb! keep bringing the surprises: this site is becoming predictable

  • Well, they weren’t random. They were CoD4 related! 🙂

  • John

    I agree, but because they’re after a different segment. I’ve played Far Cry, I anticipate to play Crysis on the PC. I may get UT3 on the console this times, if their promise of mod support gets fulfiled.
    On the other hand, I’ve never been even remotely interested in any of the CoD series.

  • freedesign420

    just joshin’ ya henn: im taking my bad day out on you. shame on me 😉

  • Darrin

    There is definitely compeition. There are simply too many credible contenders this holiday: Jericho, Soldier of Fortune, Half Life, Haze, TimeShift, Medal Of Honor, Army of Two, Brother in Arms. None of those have generated nearly as much excitement as CoD, but I could easily see one of them surpassing expectations of the preview based group-think.

    BTW, I consider multiplayer-focused shooters like UT3, Warhawk, Battlefield, and Quake Wars a totally different breed than campaign-focused shooters. And yes, titles like CoD4 have both campaign and multiplayer modes, but usually one is the clear focus.

  • derrickgott007

    Darrin I agree….

    UT3 is more run and gun. And Quake Wars is basically a RTS game right? Battlefield is more like COD4 in my opinion.

  • At work we have both Battlefield 2 and CoD2, and we play the latter much more for two basic reasons:

    1) The levels load a lot quicker, making it much easier to get into several matches over the course of a lunch hour.
    2) There are more game types.

    John: why aren’t you interested in CoD? Was it because of the WWII theme?

  • too many shooters! 😛

  • derrickgott007

    Shooters and Racing and GTA….do they really need to make any other type of games?? :))

  • astronautbread

    CoD 4 may be “Number 1” on the PS3 when it’s released, but it will probably not last long. I’ve never really played a CoD, but i’ve only ever heard about it’s multiplayer. That leads me to believe that the single player is either short or not really worth playing. Whether that’s true or not most purchaser will play it online, which makes it’s real competition Warhawk, Resistance(still), and UT3. It will probably take players from these games, Warhawk least of all as it does something that no other games does right now. Resistance will probably lose the most (it also has the most to lose, and they very well may release more maps and such for it), Ut3 probably won’t pick up the steam it needs just yet, but if the support for mods actually leads to some great user generated content, then i expect it to take off like no other.

    there are many other shooters approaching, but what CoD wants is the top spot in online, and they’ll probably have it until UT3 does something amazing, or killzone 2 comes out (assuming they do well in this area).

    Myself, i’ll continue to play Warhawk, play co-op on Haze and maybe Army of Two, single player Jericho, and keep an eye on UT3….

  • I just wish that CoD4 allowed user-created maps like UT3 will…

  • Pc

    I don’t really care, i just want me some Killzone 2 regardles of what anybody says !!

  • Pc

    I’ll buy all of the ps3 exclusives and any good game that comes out that’s worth it.

  • Mike

    He is right in a way. Unreal Tournament is as sci-fi and “arcadey” as an FPS can get. That’s not to say it’s a bad thing, it is probably one of my top five favorite franchises of the past ten years. But there is not direct comparison to be made between it and games like counter-strike or COD4 which are very realistic. Halo sort of falls between the two, it’s got a mix of sci-fi and realistic weapons, and a mix of environments too.

    UT3 could definitely be competition strictly because if you buy that you can spend so much time playing it you might not need to buy another shooter. Same could be said of Halo 3.

    Only part I’d disagree with is Crysis. The hardware requirements are probably quite a bit beyond what COD4 on the PC needs and as such will have a smaller potential audience to begin with.

    I don’t know about Haze. I was never big on the TimeSplitters games, but we’ll see how the reviews pan out.

  • Ah come on people, even he is right (in my opinion he isn’t) this guy’s way to cocky! Sure from what I’ve seen CoD 4 is going to rock but still, have some self control man, respect the competition…