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Medal of Honor: Airborne Gameplay |

As freedesign420 can attest, I love CoD2 and am really looking forward to CoD4. But CoD4 leaves WWII behind, so what can a WII shooter fan look forward to? How about Medal of Honor: Airborne? Here’s a video of some actual gameplay. I think I’ll at least rent it to see if it’s any good:

Medal of Honor: Airborne, Precision Sniping Gameplay – HD

  • freedesign420


  • derrickgott007

    Looks like the medal of honor series still has the “Stiff” and “Robotic” moving enemies. They should have invested in a better character animation engine.

    Still looks fun though. My only gripe is that if you notice in the demo, all the enemies seem to know exactly where you are, even when you are in a high position and hidden. I hate that about some games.

  • Looks good. Don’t know whether I’ll get it though.

  • derrick, maybe they saw him go up the stairs? Could be good AI. 😉

  • derrickgott007

    You know Gary, if it was great AI I’d be amazed. But its times like this that really pull you out of the moment. That’s what all games aim to do, to make you forget your normal exsistance in life and be transported into their world.

    They should have used the Euphoria engine for this game.

  • derrickgott007

    If you look really closely at the video, when “you” look out of the tower, and aim at the German who is about to jump over the sandbag wall, you will notice that there is a problem with the “CANNED” animation…The german starts to jump over and then is warped back to the start of the animation.