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Strangehold Demo Tomorrow! |

What a great surprise! PSN has been on a roll with new playable demos or purchasable games every single week.


This critical consensus seems to be decent, but not great. Metacritic scores the 360 version with a overall weighted score of 76. Still, I used to love the movie Hard Boiled, and who can pass up a chance to play this for free?

Stranglehold Demo Tomorrow

  • James

    Personally, I thought the 360s demo was great. the only iffy part I had with it really was the weird animations in some parts, especially when sliding over flat surfaces, but I still think it’s going to be a must buy for me (Im gonna get the PS3 collectors edition personally)

  • I’m really curious about Strangehold,I’ve had a bad feeling about it since it was first announced, maybe because I’m not a big fan of John Woo’s early stuff.

  • Any word on whether the UK will get Hard Boiled with Stranglehold?

  • if it is anything like the max payne games…. This will be wonderful!

  • S34MU5

    It’s not on the UK store

    Checking Hong Kong and USA now.

  • Darrin

    USA usually gets updated around 8PM EST, so I wouldn’t expect it before then.

    Word is that we also get a FIFA demo (not my bag) and Motorstorm DLC. Sony is really on a roll with PSN content…