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Battlefield: Bad Company Gameplay |

We haven’t talked much about Battlefield: Bad Company, because the game is a little further out time-wise than some other famous titles we’re looking forward to. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist, and it also doesn’t mean we don’t have some video for you. I was gonna list off a bunch of disappointments I had watching this video, but I figured I better not because this is just an alpha build, after all. Far from completion.

The thing to note is the destructable environments. At first blush, I think the idea is really cool. We’ll have to see, however, how it turns out in practice.

Battlefield: Bad Company, Direct Feed Alpha Gameplay – HD

  • I wonder what spec the machine playing this, but it looks like a console because of the non-mouse nature of the movement. I guess they will be requiring a quad core minimum, on the PC front! If this is really a console, they have got serious amount of optimizations to do.

  • derrickgott007

    Can some developer out there please develop a multiplatform FPS game on the PS3 first?? Damn it! All the time you see these alpha shots and they are on the Douchebox 360.

    If they would listen to the developers that have done it, it’s easier to develop on the PS3 and then port to the junkbox 360. Maybe then we’d get some better FPS’s that are using the cell to its fullest.

  • Developers with PC background would likely feel more comfortable in an Xbox360 development environment.