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Motorstorm – New Track and Vehicles Video |

Here’s a video showing off MotorStorm’s new track (Coyote Revenge) and some new vehicles (including what looks to be a DeLorean). Unfortunately, the camera seems to keep cutting right when it gets interesting…


  • nice… me likey motoerstorm!

  • The jap store had a big MS update today… Maybe we’ll get this stuff too today…

    But I am torn left and right, if I want to buy that stuff. The car sets don’t matter to me at all and “new” tracks (reverse with small edits) … I don’t know. I don’t even play much MS anymore.

  • With the small number of tracks in vehicles in the original release, I think that this patch should be free.

  • Agreed (in my best Geoffrey Rush impersonation)…

    I cannot tell what took them THAT long to make a reverse version of Coyote Rage though… I mean… wtf… And they want money for it…

    If my japanese skills tell me right, the two car sets and the track cost 1000 Yen, which is about 6.34€ or about $5 US… I hope they don’t push it in Europe and the US.

  • Add:

    It is up in Germany now. Costs 5.99€. I think, I’ll get it, but not now

  • I will not buy it. I haven’t even finished the game yet 🙂 (But my friend also noted that there are only a few tracks and the game got repetetive)

    Anyway, I hope this trend does not lead to releasing a bare minimum playable game, and then selling content for it. I might agree to such a thing if the games themselves costed 10usd, a demo-esque game that features a taster of everything, and you could buy the expansion type you like. (Like the game could feature different types of levels for different type of tastes, and you could go for the additional content you like more).

  • Yeah

    Finally we got rally cars on mudpool 😀