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My Warhawk is Grounded – 1.92? |

Usually when I buy a PS3 game, I try to get it the day it is released. FutureShop usually has new games for $10 off the regular price, so I usually pick it up there on the way home. This time was different. had the retail version of the game on their online store for just $39.99, so I couldn’t pass that up. But it did have to wait for it to be delivered. 🙁

Yesterday, I finally got it in the mail. Yay! But I didn’t get to play it last night because I was going to a friend’s place for games night. Boo! But this morning before work I finally got a chance to try it out, really quick. Yay! But it didn’t work! Boo!

When I tried to connect online, I got a “Network Timeout” message, or somesuch. I tried it a couple times, to no avail. After reading the article below from PS3Fanboy, I have to wonder if the 1.92 update is the cause.

Does anyone else have this problem?

Network issues with 1.92? Sony is aware and trying to fix it

[Edit: This might also be the problem. It looks like the Warhawk servers were undergoing maintenance.]

  • Try this, I know it sounds weird:

    Clear your browser cache on the PS3
    Disable and Enable your internet connection in the XMB

    Then try it again, I’ve heard this works. But I’ve never had any troubles myself.

  • jwspiker

    i think this is a problem if you’ve played another online game, then try to login to warhawk, that maybe a problem and do what tosh says to do. I know if you’ve been running folding @ home then, start up warhawk you’ll get this error as well. Hopefully the server restarts this morning are going to clear everything up.

  • I wasn’t running anything else before starting Warhawk. I turned on my PS3, inserted Warhawk, and ran it.

  • No such problems for me, but I know you’re not alone.

    Though I did read that the EU Warhawk servers were going to be down some time this week to allow them to update the firmware on all the machines. Maybe the US is having the same thing done?

  • Steve

    The servers were down this morning for maintenance for 2 hours. Also the network error was a problem for some people before the 1.92 update

  • Mine works…

    I played today (bout 9hrs UTC), but only 7 servers in my search list were up (24players and up and Zones only)… No problems at all. Tbh, I never had much problem playing this game online. Never got kicked or had too many problems joining a server (maybe 1-5 tries sometimes, so bearable 5min max).

  • Martin

    I always get online, but NEVER into the blue official servers, it always says server full, although it shows several slots is open. Also it doesn’t seem to refresh the official servers when i try to do that.

    But the first day or so I could get into them, easily. But then after the first crash it is like it is now.

  • Martin

    Oh, I just deleted the warhawk user data which contains the “favourite servers and userdata” and now i can join official servers again. Be aware though, that this will remove all your other settings too, like controller setup.