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Warhawk: My 7+4=11 List |

You may or may not know this, but I was a participant in the Warhawk beta. I enjoyed the game, sure, but the experience was woefully short-lived – the beta only lasted a month! So I finally got my Warhawk fix last night after having to wait for the game to come in the mail. Is it still good? Yup, it sure is. I decided to make some lists of things I like and don’t like about Warhawk on the PLAYSTATION 3:

What I like about Warhawk:

  1. Ground Combat
    When I first heard that Incognito was adding ground combat to Warhawk, a flying game, I was like “What the…?” But it works very well, and it’s a lot of fun. You can run around, drive a jeep, drive a tank, or fly a Warhawk. And it’s all fun. If you want, you can choose to enter a dogfight-only game, if you really like the flying.
  2. Good Balance
    Others have said it much better than I can, but I’ll mention it anyway. This game is very well balanced. You don’t feel like any particular weapon or vehicle has a huge advantage over everything else. There’s always something you can do with what you have.
  3. Nice Graphics
    No, I didn’t say outstanding or fabulous or eat-my-blender-awesome. But they’re nice, and there’s nothing to complain about. One of the coolest things about MotorStorm is the long draw distances, and the same thing is true here. Warhawk has good draw distances and I have yet to notice any pop-in.
  4. Zones
    I find myself gravitating towards the Zones mode of play. Deathmatch (in any shooter) bored me a long time ago, and I rarely bother with team deathmatch anymore unless I’m just looking for a quick fix. But in Warhawk, Zones is the way to go. There’s strategy involved, which I like. I’m not a very good shooter player – my reflexes just can’t keep up. But last night I usually placed in the middle of the pack (as opposed to the bottom) because of all my flag captures. It’s very satisfying.
  5. Free Headset
    I bought the game for $39.99Cdn, and it came with a free headset. That’s tough to beat.
  6. Splitscreen Support
    I certainly can’t miss this one! Warhawk has great splitscreen support both offline and on. I just wish some of the text was easier to read…
  7. Exclusivity
    I know it’s childish of me, but I like the fact that only PS3 users get this awesome experience.

Things I don’t like about Warhawk:

  1. Dying Without Warning
    I don’t like flying happily along and then dying without warning. It’s no fun. If I get a lock warning, or I hear bullets flying around me, or something, then that’s okay. I just don’t like it when I have no warning or recourse whatsoever when I die.
  2. Status Updating
    After I played last night (on Sony servers), I went to check out my stats and they weren’t there. 🙁
  3. Chat Quality
    The quality of the voice chat in Warhawk isn’t very good. Could Insomniac please share the code they used in Resistance with everyone else? Please?
  4. Team Killers
    It hasn’t happened to me yet, but I know it will. I don’t see anyway of punishing and removing team killers. It would be nice if there was a punish/forgive system whereby too many punishments gets someone permanently kicked form a game.

So there you have my lists. What are yours?

  • derrickgott007

    Dying without warning in the warhawk is due to many things….such as Binoculars…Those make no lock on noise….or also RPG rounds make no lock on noise.

  • Fernando

    Teamkills are punished. If you enter a SONY server and kill many of your teammates the server kicks you out at a certain limit. Two kicks and your totally banned. Most people stop after the first kick. You can also make your ps3 a server and decide if you want to have friendly fire turned on or off.

  • synapse

    Where are the floating battle ships , carriers and large ground forces?Where are the hundreds of people and vehicles on screen? i look – just cant find them anywhere! check out this vid link, they are definately there!

    Have we been stiched up again , or is this the difference between the online and retail version?

  • Ethan

    I updated to 1.93 and now I can’t play Warhawk online, it keeps saying Can’t connect to network. Even though I play Rainbow Six, FEAR etc online.

    And that video “synapse” is for what was supposed to be single player missions, which they removed.