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Yesterday’s NA PSN Update – 06sep07 |

Better late than never, right? Here’s the new stuff you can download from the PSN store, as of yesterday.


• Stranglehold
• NBA Live 08

Add-on content:

• MotorStorm Revenge Weekend Add-on Pack (New track, vehicles, races and race mode) — $5.99
• MotorStorm Add-on Vehicle 1 (Wakazashi Razor bike) — $0.99
• MotorStorm Add-on Vehicle 2 (Wombat Mudslide ATV) — $0.99
• MotorStorm Add-on Vehicle 3 (Atlas Varjack mudplugger) — $0.99
• MotorStorm Add-on Vehicle 4 (Atlas Arizona big rig) — $0.99
• Ninja Gaiden Sigma Weapons Master Add-on (5 survival modes) — $2.99

Trailers and wallpapers:

• Turok “Quiet Kills” Trailer
• PixelJunk Racers Trailer
• Heavenly Sword “Making Of” No. 5
• Heavenly Sword Anime No. 5
• Lair “World in Chaos” Video
• MotorStorm “Coyote Revenge” Video
• Drillbit Tailer Trailer
• Resident Evil: Extinction Trailer
• Heavenly Sword Anime No. 5 Wallpaper

  • Gary

    I’ve downloaded Stranglehold and NBA 08 but haven’t tried them yet.

  • Nathaniel

    Me to, also loving the new Motorstorm content, this game had taken a back seat recently but this new content and online modes have re-ignited my love for the game…….

  • James

    I bought, downloaded, and installed the new Motorstorm track, but nothing changed in the game. Anyone else have this problem?

  • I didn’t have too high hopes for Stranglehold, but it is quite nice… A bit shallow though 😀 Maybe a rental

  • James – you didn’t see any new tickets? Did you already have the 2.0 update installed? You have to do that first…

  • James

    No new tickets, but then again I didn’t realize there was a 2.o update. I assume I have to go into online mode to get that -the one thing I didn’t try. Thanks. Can’t wait to try it…

  • Darrin

    Props to Sony for putting out awesome updates.

    After months of little more than trailers, for the past month or two we’ve been getting some really good stuff every single week.

    All the stuff I really want hits in Oct-Nov, but this is plenty to hold me over.

  • Pc

    Another great week for PS3 owners !! 🙂

  • James

    That worked. Love the new track! Best one yet!