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Heavenly Sword Reviews |

Seems as though it’s style over substance with very little incentive to replay through it once completed, not to mention it’s very short. I still want to play it but I might wait until it’s pretty cheap, around the £20 mark, but it’s very disappointing that it’s so short and offers no reason to play through it again, after completion.

Heavenly Sword Video Review

Edit: 1up gave Heavenly Sword an 8

GameInformer gave Heavenly Sword an 8.75

  • Darrin

    This is exactly what I want in a rental: flashy, highly stylized, somewhat unique, easy to get into and enjoy for the first few hours. Just when you realize it’s shallow, short, and has minimal replay value, you return it.

    Not something I want to own or have in my collection, but I can’t wait to rent.

  • I’ll rent it too.

    What I didn’t understand is, why GT gave it such a low score for design

  • Actually, the review made me want the game more than I thought I would. It looks very fun, and actually of a higher quality than most hack and slash games. I think, i’ll pick it up when the price goes down a little.

    I dont find no replay value in a game like this a dissapointment. Normally when I have finished the story of a game of this sort, im done. There is often little to entice me to play the story of an game again. Especially when the replay incentive is simply to play through with a new weapon or something. The only game I think I ever did a second play through was Shadow of the Colossus, because it was an equally short game, that was essentially a sequence of boss battles. Shadow was shorter than what they say heavenly sword is, but it didnt stop it from being a good experience. And hour count is a bit of a subjective term anyway, whats a few hours for one person may be a few days for another. There are people who can play all of twilight princess in a day or two, does that make that game short?

  • I class HS in the same genre as Devil May Cry and that game had great replayability for me. The harder difficulty levels (Dante Must Die…ohh baby 😀 ), playing through the game completely in Dante’s Devil form = awesome.

    The Onimusha series also had good replayability, I haven’t played Ninja Gaiden Sigma much so I don’t know if that game offers anything new after completion, but HS should give you a new weapon from the off and harder difficulty levels with different rewards for completion.

    Maybe it does and maybe the reviews haven’t gone into any detail about what happens after you complete the game.

    I think I’ll still buy it just not at full price.

  • This gen I can’t tell if reviewers a bashing a PS3 because it really deserves it or because they’re just a bunch of 360 fan boys.

    I’m still going to buy this game.

  • Emrah

    I played the demo 7-8 times just for the fun of it. I don’t think there should be so much substance in an hack and slash game. I might buy this game. But we have no rentals in my country.

  • west coast ps3

    I rented this game and after playing it for half an evening have passed the half way mark in the game. Lots of fun, worth renting, I feel I got my 8$ worth; I am not planning on buying it though.