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The Lair Trainwreck |

Here’s a general chronology:

1: Lair was one of the first hotly anticipated exclusives for the PS3. The previews looked gorgeous. The game itself was somewhat of an unknown, but this was definitely one of the early “titles to watch” for the PS3.

2: The reviews bomb. Actually, bomb is probably an understatement. Most people would have been disappointed if this scored in the 8.0 range, and considered this a complete bomb at the 6.0 range, however many reviews were even well below that. IGN’s review ran with the title, “A sixaxis suckfest” (apparently, this was later edited out).

3: Sites such as EGM, despite giving Lair a low score, were gracious enough to grant the studio lead, Julian Eggebrecht, the opportunity to publically debate the reviewers. Mr. Eggebrecht claims that reviewers just can’t open their minds to appreciate the game’s non-traditional gesture control scheme. I don’t buy that, but whatever. It’s a noble gesture on the part of sites like EGM.

4: Eggebrecht and others at Factor 5 publically talk about technical and personal tragedies surrounding the development of Lair. These statements were made before the reviews, but still, this has gone from a disappointing game to simply pitiful.

5: IGN and several other sites are blowing the whistle on Sony regarding Lair. They suggest Sony is unethically trying to influence review scores by sending out colorful Lair brochures. Are we are supposed to be offended by this? Pathetic, yes. Pitiful, definitely. But unethical? Come on guys, it’s a color brochure.

IGN Mocks Sony and Lair

IGN Mocks Sony’s Brochure

What are your thoughts?

  • Mike

    I’m not sure what people expected, the Rogue Squadron games were pretty to look at but boring to play. The fact that it was a once hyped PS3 game isn’t helping either, people are very quick to beat a dead horse when it comes to negative PS3 news. They better hope Uncharted is good or the press is going to have a field day ripping it to shreds.

  • I don’t know, but I am beginning to feel sorry for Heavenly Sword, MGS4, Killzone, Uncharted, and Final Fantasy XIII, because they will all be subject to an intense level of scrutiny. Lair being one of the first high profile PS3 titles (other than Resistance and Motorstorm), it received alot of pressure to perform for the ps3. The truth is, not all games are great, and with that much riding on the title, it wasnt helping things.

    It is beginning to seem like every single major game that comes out for the PS3 will have to stand up to a great deal of scrutiny, nitpicking, and skepticism. The negative press that has plagued the ps3 seem to now be affecting it’s games. That is not to say that Lair was good, but that it was a bad game made worse by this effect.

  • I find it sad, tbh. I love dragons and such stuff and since the rest of the game is supposed to be good, despite the controls, it hurts even more.

    Otoh, I read from many people owning the game (people I know, not some blokes blog), that they really like it. So, what is it? Are “my” people less hard on it, Lair being their first real game since MS or are the reviewers in the old mindset, which also got many Wii games bad scores (I am looking at you Gamespot). I hope, there’s a demo out soon, before EU release. I am willing to learn the controls, so maybe I’ll like it (because of dragons :D)

  • Pc

    Like i said before, Lair is a good game with georgous visuals, a nice story line, and the first game (i believe) to “make” you use the motion controls, which is good because if nobody does, then nobody will learn them well and start to use them frequently. The people that are giving this game horrible reviews, to put it short and sweet, just aren’t good with the motion controls because i have no problems at all. I like the game and so do my friends…what makes it even worse for these people out their giving it such a poor review, is that one of my friends that completely sucks at games in general, can play this game with no prob and he isn’t even accustomed to motion controls all that much 🙂
    I think that these people are just too used to playing with Joysticks and can’t figure out the motion part just yet. Their professional at “writing” and not “playing”.

  • Darrin

    Segitz + Pc, interesting. To some extent that’s with all titles.

    The better pro reviewers are more than a snapshot of personal opinion, they represent a homogenized group think. And of course sometimes people love games that the group think hates and vice-versa.

    However, I still get the impression that the reviewers were being fairly genuine in their scores and weren’t just hating. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t people that don’t genuinely like this type of title, though.

  • Rjcc

    The game just isn’t very good. I got to play it for a while at CES and I couldn’t figure out why it had any hype at all, then.

  • mpz

    Hmm that guy looks like the sort of guy I want to be trusting for reviewing things I might spend money on.

    Hmm, yeah probably the sort of guy who’d give Oblivion a 9.4 – a game that truly redefines bad controls, poor frame-rate, crappy textures and ultra-repetitive game play.

    I think these guys are caught up in their own sense of power and importance. Then again, I guess if my sole contribution to society was taking apart others hard work and creativity, I might feel the need to throw my weight around to justify it.

  • John

    It is true, I don’t get why people are having such a HARD time with the controls, they were very responsive to all the commands. The key was smooth movements, im starting to believe the gaming websites that reviewed the game have had no ability to LEARN the controls what so ever nor did they have the ability to learn. They tried for a couple of minutes and never gave it a second shot.

    I think people are to fixed on analog or fixed controls to give these motion controls a chance, they expect these dragons in the game to control a fighter jet, which they aren’t, come on Im starting to think people who review these games have common sense nor the mental ability to learn new controls.

  • The comments about the brochure are just plain ludicrous! We all know that many journalists get ‘freebies’ sent to them along with software to review – it’s been going on for years. If Sony were trying to bribe reviewers, I’m fairly certain that they could come up with something better than a glossy booklet!

    If I’m honest, being a dragon fan, I was very much looking forward to Lair, but eventually avoided it because of the reviews. I did pre-order at when they had their pricing error, but didn’t bother re-ordering after they cancelled and hiked the price.

    But I’m once again considering buying it, simply because despite the reviews, I’ve read a lot of stories around the net – from people who did buy it – that the controls really aren’t that bad, IF you spend a little time getting used to them. So it is starting to seem like reviewers were either unable to adapt to the SIXAXIS controls, or simply wanted to put the boot in on another of the PS3’s innovations.

    I really think that, if it’s at all possible, Sony need to get a demo of Lair on the PSN so that people can try it for themselves.

  • Sporty

    I’m waiting for the demo to hit to make up my mind.

    If I’ve learned anything this generation is that reviews will always be lower on PS3 regardless of game quality.

    I’d rather take word of mouth of first hand experience then some retarded bias reviewer that makes every game compare to the 600 console price tag to justify it being worth owning.

    Seems most of the early complaints were idiots bitching about the controls. So the brochures were their to explain it since the reviewers appeared to be incompetent. “Blowing the whistle” is kinda ridiculous, if you consider how much swag they get with other games. This is just another instruction manual since they are too stupid. If you read most of the early reviews you can see they always complained about the controls.

    One thing that bothers me more then anything is 90% of the articles you see about Lair and reviews aren’t from places that reviewed the game. But talking about the reviews of others. Kinda like this one…….

    This is kinda like My cousin bob said that his neighbor Joe said his son hates lair. Must be universal fact.

    I’ve always hated flight games myself, Hated Starfox, Flight sim. Panzer Dragoon, rogue squadron, the flighing level in Sly 3 whatever. So this game itself doesn’t matter to me. But due to the constant hearsay reviews I’ll check out they demo when it hits next month.

  • Emrah

    IGN nerd mocking the brochure. Just goes to show the prejudice. Calling the brochure unethical is totally absurd. The brochure is there to show Sony takes IGN seriously, a respect they do not deserve.

    I agree with Paranoimia.