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Juicy Price Cut Rumors |

Arstechnica has some anonymous insider tips on upcoming holiday PlayStation price points:

  • 80GB PlayStation 3: $499.99
  • 40GB PlayStation 3: $399.99
  • Spider-Man 3 Blu-ray movie pack in with one, or both
  • PlayStation 2: $99.99

I must say, Arstechnica has a great record with these types of predictions, and the price points sound excellent. However, I suspect this isn’t true. The Sony execs spoke pretty clearly about returning to a single-SKU strategy after phasing out the 60GB model. But then again, they are selling multiple SKU’s with the revised PSP models, so maybe they are fine with multiple bundling options but just a single underlying hardware configuration.

Place your bets everyone…

  • Rjcc

    I’m torn. on the one hand, I don’t see it happening at all, but on the other, I feel like sony’s gotta do something to get some traction this holiday season…maybe that’s it. a $400 ps3 w/ a spiderman 3 pack in is a very tantalizing option (read: as tantalizing as a $400+ console can be) for the general public.

  • Sporty

    If they do this I think it will be temporary for the holidays, Might bring the 80GB to 400 after that and phase out the 40gb since it really doesn’t exist yet anyways.

  • Darrin

    So, two votes for no and one maybe.

    Also, doesn’t the movie pack-in sound quite lame compared to the existing 5-free blu-ray movie deal?

  • Sporty

    Depends, the 5 free BD deal would still apply regardless of the packin if they extend it.

  • Mike

    $399.99 has always been the price they need to get to, throwing in Spiderman 3 would just be a nice bonus. Even if Xbox 360 goes down to $299.99 the price difference of $100 wouldn’t be too bad given the built in wifi, standard HDD, and blu-ray being in it. They could have had this price difference before but the 20GB unit seemed to be non-existent at most retailers and once they got the 60GB to $499, Xbox 360 went down to $349.

    It may not even be possible to catch up with the Wii this holiday because of its pricing, or the 360 because of Halo 3, but they would be a major kick in the face to HD-DVD. If that is what they really care about, than they should do everything possible to end the format war and needless headaches associated with it. I can tolerate purchased exclusives in the video game world because the developer will focus on that machine’s abilities. Purchased exclusives in movies is just flat obnoxious, particularly when DVDs will still account for 98% of the sales will play on every device.

  • Well from a UK perspective, Sony needs to drop the price of the PS3 to the supposed sweet point of £299.

    If you look at the bundle that’s currently available in the UK (PS3+2pads+2 games) then it’s already around that price anyway, but £400 is still a lot of money for people to fork out for a ‘games console’.

    If Sony stripped away the extras of the 60GB bundle and just had the console on it’s own for £299, I think it would boost sales tremendously. Unfortunately for would be PS3 owners, the PS3 is selling quite well in Europe as opposed to Japan and North America, where sales aren’t that great, so any clear price cut is not needed over here as it is in NA and Japan.

    As for NA, I hope they stick with one SKU (the 80GB PS3) and sell it for $499 at the very least.

  • Matt

    Companies do pack-ins because a $50 controller only costs them a fraction of the cost ($10-$15 to Sony). Same thing with a game pack in.

    The $399 price point is what I am personally waiting for (and rumble). I really want a PS3 for a Blu-Ray player and for exclusives. I cannot justify $500 for a movie player only when there are no games coming out this year that I want to play (or have time to play).

    $399 is a price point a lot of fence sitters would go for. It still won’t appeal to the average Joe, but they need to stay close to the other two for the long run.

    Sony is more interested in the format war than the game war. Sony stands to make a lot of money for a lot of years if Blu-Ray wins. Sony can get a fresh start in a few years with the PS4. A new movie format may not happen for 10-20 years.

  • We already knew that the PS3’s 80GB SKU would drop in price, but here’s some more backing up for the PS2’s price drop:
    Sony announced a white PS2 that comes with two microphones and Singstar. The whole thing costs $150.
    It would be a $50 game plus the $130 PS2, and a new color, adding up to $180. But it looks like the price will drop, and you’ll just get the new color for free (as long as you buy the bundle).
    The white PS2 comes out in the U.S. in March.
    And I’m just thinking that Sony will keep making 80 GB PS3s packed with a game, and if this 40 GB one is real, then the 40GB one won’t have a game packed in.
    Well, let’s just hope that we do get a $400 PS3 very soon!

  • speaking of the white ps2s, i want to see a white ps2 standing next to a wii 🙂

    actually a white ps2 with a motion controller + a casual game would be an interesting package 😛