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Lair PSP Remote Play is just the start |

Now I don’t have Lair, so I haven’t been able to test it out yet. But what a nice feature. Obviously you’ll need a decent connection to use remote play effectively. It wouldn’t work well for fighting games or FPS because of the lag at times. But it would be great for other games that don’t need twitch reflexes. Then there is the issue of the missing analog stick and the second shoulder buttons. But as long as they could modify it for PSP use, it should be fine.

Right now I use remote play on Thursdays when the PlayStation Store updates are out to download the new stuff from work. But I think it has huge potential. For example, another recent update to remote play is the ability to access [email protected] via remote play. Once Sony showed us the option of having the PSP as a rear view mirror in racing games, which is boring if you ask me. How about controlling the MKII with your PSP to scout out the area in MGS4. That would be fun 🙂

Lair is just the start of the PS3-PSP link-ups, says Sony

  • I like that idea, or perhaps if a second player could be controlling the MKII as you play the the area as solid snake. The other player could scout and zap certain enemies that are in the way. The cool thing about this, is that you wouldnt have to take up any of the tv screen to provide a view for the second player, it would be on the psp screen.

  • MetalProxy

    I have tried to play Lair on my PSP and its really cool, except a few buttons are missing so you cant do certain moves. I was blown out of the water trying it out though. I can imagine the possiblitys with that. This is one thing M$ will never be able to do.