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Poll: PSOne Games – Do You Care |

Gary just posted an article talking about PSOne games downloadable on the PS3. Which begs the question: do you care about being able to download and play PSOne games on your PS3 and/or PSP?

Vote in the sidebar here at, as always.

Last poll’s results:

What 2007 shooter are you most looking forward to?

* CoD4: 30% (158)
* Warhawk: 17% (90)
* Haze: 17% (88)
* UT3: 15% (77)
* Orange Box: 10% (50)
* Army of Two: 6% (32)
* GRAW2: 3% (15)
* TimeShift: 1% (6)
* BiA: HH: 1% (4)
* MoH: A: 1% (3)
* ET: QW: 1% (3)

Total Votes : 526

Looks like CoD4 takes it! 🙂

  • Darrin

    The PS3 provides full 98%+ PS1 disc compatibility out of the box

    But they should do a better job of providing a theatrical re-release for back catalog titles. Don’t just take the exact same PS1 content and dump it on the PSN, do some minor updates such as graphical enhancements and networking features, and make it more of an event.

    Look at how much interest and goodwill the 360 gets for selling games like Marathon. Sure, you can download a similar restored and enhanced version for *free* on PC/Mac/Linux, but the Microsoft version provided a theatrical release which a lot of people really appreciate, and resulted in lots of gamer enjoyment and goodwill.

    They really should have done this back in Q1/Q2 when there was less PS3 content. Now, it’s much less important.

    But still, sure many people don’t care about back catalog content, but there are tons of people who love their old favorites, and would happily pay for better retro content + features.

  • ehandlr

    Give me my old PS1 RPG’s for download and portableness and thats a winner to me.