Sony gets Content Delivery Network (CDN) technology

So what does that mean for us PS3 owners? Well faster and more reliable downloads, which is always good. Maybe this means a upcoming PlayStation Store refresh? I’m sure some of this has to do with Home as well. Because Sony wants to integrate the PS Store right into Home in the future.

Has anybody noticed a increase in speed as far as download go lately? Oh and Microsoft has had Limelight Networks for about as year.

Limelight Networks’ Content Delivery Technology Adopted for PLAYSTATION®3 and PSP® (PlayStation®Portable) System Software Updates

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  1. #1 by Martin on September 11th, 2007

    I have always maxed out my 12000 Kbit/s ADSL, so I don’t get the complaints about speed… I live in Norway.

  2. #2 by Segitz on September 11th, 2007 [ 1470 Points ]

    Yeah, I “only” have 3mbits, but I too max it out constantly… No questions asked

  3. #3 by John on September 11th, 2007

    Another Euro here, and I’ve never been held back by Sony for PS3 downloads, so I’m a bit wary about this supposedly faster downloads tech… especially given that 360 owners around there don’t seem to be experiencing great download speeds…

  4. #4 by chrysostom on September 11th, 2007 [ 830 Points ]

    Why only system software updates? I am surprised that they are not using CDN for the rest of the downloads.

  5. #5 by mcloki on September 11th, 2007 [ 2355 Points ]

    Why wouldn’t they use it for video downloads as well? They are bringing out a movie store are they not.

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