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Activision Gives No Limited Edition for PS3 |

Activision is releasing CoD4 for the PS3, 360, and PC this fall on November 5th. However, it is only releasing Limited Collector’s Edition sets for the 360 and PC:

Activision and Infinity Ward are excited to announce that Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare will be deploying to United States retailers this November with two Limited Collector’s Edition sets – one for Xbox 360 and another for PC.

The Xbox 360 Limited Collector’s Edition includes a Bonus DVD and exclusive Hardcover Art Book.

The DVD includes a series of “Making Of” Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare vignettes that explore how the game was created from four perspectives – Research, Technology, Story and Multiplayer. The DVD also includes a documentary on one of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare’s main characters, the British S.A.S. The documentary explores everything from how the S.A.S. was born to its role in WWII and Desert Storm. Rounding out the Limited Collector’s Edition Bonus DVD is a level walk-through by developer Infinity Ward, as well as some of the campaign’s best trailers. All in all, the DVD contains nearly 4 hours of content!

In addition to the Bonus DVD, the Xbox 360 Limited Collector’s Edition also includes an exclusive Hardcover Art Book. Narrated by Infinity Ward’s developers and artists, the Art Book features never-before-seen concept, development and final in-game artwork, as told from the unique perspective of the team that has won two consecutive “Game of the Year” awards. We’ve included two excerpts and the cover below!


The Xbox 360 and PC Limited Collector’s Editions will be available at launch at most retailers while supplies last. With great content like the SAS Documentary, Strategy Guide and Art Book, be sure to reserve your copy early!

That sucks.

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  • PS3 owners keep getting shafted.

  • derrickgott007

    And they could add all this on the blu-ray no problem…but no they have their lips on microshafts butt.

  • Darrin

    What a Debbie Downer post, guys.

    Those goodies sound nice, particularly to fanatics of the series, but as long as the game itself isn’t flawed, I don’t care.

  • Maybe they do add it to the bluray? Nothings for certain… A hardbook is not what I would shell out another 10€ for!

  • Debbie Downer?

  • It’s a shame, but is anyone really bothered? You watch those vids maybe once, and that’s it.

    I got the Tomb Raider Anniversary Special Edition, watched the DVD once, and will probably never view it again.

    Art book? Meh!

    As for the strategy guide… c’mon! Who needs a strategy guide for an FPS game? You don’t exactly need a degree in Rocket Science!

    More disappointing was the lack of a game beta on PSN.

  • Emrah

    I don’t care about the additional content either. I am glad they are making this thing run at 60fps. But still, news like these are turn off’s for some people who hasn’t yet bought a next-gen console. Just another little negative piece of info for the potential console buyers.

  • Dartmerc

    Fingers crossed this extra content in on the BluRay!
    If so, it would make sense not to have a seperate collectors edition with the extra physical content, because the extra price couldn’t be justified.

  • I really do think that Microsoft is paying alot of money making deals to make their versions of games have something the PS3’s doesn’t. Because some of these differences fly in the face of logic. With Blu-ray there is no legitimate reason that this couldn’t be included. But over all, some of the extra stuff isnt exactly something to fight over. By in large, most Collectors Editions that are marketed as such are vastly overrated. Only a handful really are worthwhile.