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New Logitech PS3 Wireless Keyboard + Headset Announced |

Logitech has announced a new wireless keyboard and headset specifically for the PS3.

The keyboard sounds excellent: all special-function buttons are designed explicitly for the PS3, the piano black finish is a perfect aesthetic match, the built-in trackpad is ideal for mouse-less couch control, and the battery life sounds perfect. I’ve been planning to get a generic PC bluetooth keyboard for my PS3, but this sounds much better. List price of $80, scheduled for October in U.S and Europe.

Logitech PS3 Keyboard

However, the headset sounds a little less interesting. There are already a great range of bluetooth headsets to choose from. The announced list price is $80, which is high, although the street price is usually lower for headsets. Will this offer any distinct advantages over the competition? We shall see…

If anyone has used a wireless headset or keyboard with their PS3, speak up and let us know your recommendation.

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  • I have used a sony-ericsson HBH-DS970, which is a a2dp-headset. I only got the headset profile working so far. The ps3 might need newer firmware to get that working.
    The Logitech dinovo keyboard works quite well, but it’s quite expensive and has no buit-in trackpad or ps3-buttons. I might get the ps3-keyboard when it’s out. It sounds fierce!

  • Emrah

    The trackpad is definitely a “nice touch”! I might be getting this as well. Still, for the upcoming fps games, I’d need a nice black mouse. I wonder if this can support some kind of on-screen battery status display like the sixaxis. It’d also be nice.

  • Is 80 a bit pricey for bluetooth keyboards? I’m not sure, since most cordless keyboards i see in stores are of the wireless variety, using a plug in transmitter, and not bluetooth.