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Yakuza 3 Announced for PS3 |

Hardly a surprise. Most of us expected this, but it’s nice to see it formally announced: Yakuza 3 is coming to the PS3! So far it’s a full exclusive (Yakuza 1+2 are PS2 only). Currently, it’s only announced for a Japan release in early 2008. A North America and Europe release wasn’t mentioned; I suspect that that will happen but it’s not guaranteed.


Yakuza 1 was released in North America in late 2006 (around launch of PS3). It got wildly mixed reviews (1UP: 85, IGN: 81, Metacritic overall: 75). This is considered a spiritual successor to the Shenmue series and it definitely has a cult following. Yakuza 2 was released in Japan, but never came to North America.

I played the Yakuza 1 demo on PS2: it looked really good and had definite promise. It seemed like a narrative-heavy brawler with some RPG elements and an organized crime setting. However, I suspect that this title hit the wrong console at the wrong time. When this came to North America, the media and the hardcore USA audience wanted PS3/360 titles, and PS2 titles were largely ignored.

Anyone a fan of the Yakuza or Shenmue series?

Edit by Gary: Some more bits of info:

It’s set in the Edo period around 1605 and may feature legendary Samurai and author of The Book of Five Rings; Miyamoto Musashi. (Awesome if true!! 😀 ).

There will be four fighting styles, rumoured to be empty hand, single sword, two swords and long sword. Musashi-san ended up using a wooden sword (if I remember correctly) after he became too skilled with the sword, so hopefully they will add in a wooden sword stlye.

This had better go the same way as Yakuza 1, not 2, and get a Western release!

  • Gary

    OH HELL YEAH!!!!! 😀

    I loved Yakuza (Yakuza 2 still hasn’t been released in the UK 😥 ) and I’m a little surprised at this announcement due to Yakuza 2 still not being released to a Western audience.

    Yakuza is an awesome game, with excellent combat, a good story with decent twists, nice graphics, excellent music and a joy to play.

    I hope it’s not Japanese only.


  • Darrin

    Wow, Gary aside, that’s a surprisingly quiet response for this. No other fans of Yakuza 1 or excited about this one?

  • John

    I kinda liked Shenmue back in the day (though the gameplay was a bit too limited, and unlocks were based too much on trial-error+luck).
    I had never heard of Yakuza before this post.

  • I urge everybody to buy Yakuza! You have missed out on one of the best experiences on the PS2.

  • Sporty

    I heard about it, but haven’t been too into games lately.

    Honestly, this year I’ve sold more games then I’ve bought.

    Only bought Motorstorm, StardustHD and Calling all cars this whole year.

    On the other hand I’ve sold my Xbox, SNES, Genesis, Gameboy Advance, Nintendo DS, PSOne, PS2 (2 of them) and Gamecube, plus about 45 games that were for those systems. Still have about 85 PSOne/PS2 games though since they still work on PS3.

    Contemplating listing my PSP, Wii and 360 plus still have more games to sell off. Then I might pick up a few new games this fall. Maybe then I can get Yakuza in a bargin bin or something 😀