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Big PSN Update: 9/13/2007 |

Games For Purchase

  • $6.99 PixelJunk Racers
  • $9.99 High Stakes on the Vegas Strip: Poker Edition

Free Playable Game Demos

  • PixelJunk Racers
  • Tony Hawk’s Proving Ground
  • NHL 08
  • Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
  • FIFA 08

Trailers, Videos, Other

  • Everyday Shooter trailer
  • Warhawk trailer
  • Lair Behind the Scenes video
  • Feel the Noise trailer
  • Juiced 2 trailer
  • High Stakes on the Vegas Strip: Poker Edition trailer
  • Soul Calibur IV trailer
  • High Stakes: Poker wallpaper
  • 2 PixelJunk Racer wallpapers
  • Folklore wallpaper
  • Free Music Track from Lair

Wow, amazing update. Huge amount of content for sports, casual, and childrens genres.

Honestly, those are the genres that most readers of this site probably aren’t interested in. Most of us would rather see content that is more technically or conceptually bleeding edge, but it’s good to see the PS3 providing content for other demographics as well.

Official Announcement

  • Gary

    The NA Store hasn’t updated yet.

  • Do yourself a favour and avoid FIFA 08. Sluggish controls, lousy graphics, and EA’s current standard PS3 frame-rate.

    Seriously, the graphics are crap. Players are okay, but the stadium etc. is horribly jaggy.

    Frame-rate jumps around like mad, and the controls respond about quarter of a second too late.

    Add to that the fact that FIFA never has and never will be a decent football game (yes, FOOTBALL – as in played with the feet!) and it all adds up to a bit of a disaster.

    Let’s face it, official licenses aside, FIFA has never had much going for it when compared to PES. But in terms of game quality, Sony really should start refusing to licence rubbish like this.

  • The best Fifa there was, the best Fifa there is is still freaking Fifa 95 on the Mega Drive 😀 Hell, that game was FUN (as well as Striker (?) and Ultimate Soccer!)

    EA has the problem, that they don’t want to alienate the casuals with a too complex game. And this is, why I don’t buy any more Fifa and NHL games anymore. (As well as NFS, which also was a great franchise up until the yearly sucky released which followed Underground)

  • Sporty

    I still think the best baseball game I’ve played was RBI Baseball on NES 😀

    sometimes simple if more fun

  • Pc

    Very nice update indeed 🙂 BTW, Heavenly Sword is badass !!!! Just bought it from gamestop and i recommend picking it up if you want something that’s unique and just a great game in general. I love the cutscenes because their so realistic and the combat system is freakin awesome !!

  • i totally read “vegas strip: poker edition” as “vegas STRIP POKER” 😛

  • hollywooda

    @Paranoimia: do yourself a favour & get a 360, its much better on there.

  • Pc

    @ Paranoimia, or you could just avoid crappy EA ports since they seem to be making love to Microsoft at the moment 🙂

  • I am naked holding a full house ! yea

  • jwspiker

    the pixeljunk is fun, it’s a “rail” driving game, like the old electronic race car’s we’d have growing up. definitely worth that demo. i really enjoyed that.

  • Since my GF is into Harry Potty I downloaded the demo for her. And the character models are awful! The castle itself looks fine I guess but the characters are sooo bad, what’s the deal EA? This is next gen …..

  • derrickgott007

    pixel junk racers is pixel CRAP! I can’t see the damn cars I am supposed to pass because they are light grey on a light grey track! Who’s lame ass idea was that? Also everything is too small even on a 36 inch tv…….

    Thank god they gave a demo so we could see it sucks for free.

  • Darrin

    bunny, I do the same thing. I wonder if that is some intentional subliminal joke or marketing gimmick.

    Yes, it looks like PJR is a swing and a miss. Establishing a new gaming concept is really hard: for every strike of gold, there are dozens of duds. That’s why many companies like to stick to established game concepts and IP and retro remakes: much safer.

  • @hollywooda: After my experiences with the original Xbox, I wouldn’t have a 360 if MS paid me to take it!

    @Pc: Don’t worry, I’ll be avoiding EA like the plague until they sort themselves out. Besides, I haven’t bought FIFA in years… PES is far superior. 🙂

  • west coast ps3

    My take on the latest batch of demos:

    Pixel Junk Racers is OK but I didn’t find it very fun. I was expecting a slot car race set where you had to vary the speed and go around a track, the goal being to be first across the line. Instead it has a weird system of goals that you have to do, like get your car in the blue circle.

    Harry Potter had nice graphics and my son found it interesting.

    NHL 08 was good. Decent graphics, fairly fun game play.

    The new Tony Hawk was good. Played that one through the full 10 minutes.

    I haven’t bothered with FIFA 08 yet.

  • bLiNd

    pixel junk racers… i think it is an awesome game. if it were only a slot care race it would probably get dull after a couple of plays. there seems to be duzens of challenges in PJR, and i cant wait to play the Full version of it (maybe its because i played it with a couple of friends i’ve enjoed it so much.. 😐 ) .. i hope that game is released here in the EU store :_)

    harry potter is lame ass game. the controls of Harry are horrible, the camera doesnt help. (although as West Coast said.. kids will probably find it pretty fun). The feature i liked best, altough not a big fan of Potter, was the right-analog stick control to cast spells.. throwing those benchs to the wandering students was probably the most enjoyable moment of this timed-demo lol it would be nice if we actually heard him cast the spell each of the time we do it.. and not every other time as it seems to be the case

    and yeah.. great marketing technique: vegas STRIP POKER edition. just for having to use that.. i HOPE that game sucks.

    and dammit why cant sony update the EU store like there in the US?… i mean.. EU store its not even a correct thing to assume as a whole. —- i had to download NINJA GAIDEN from the EU uk store, because the demo hasnt been released in the EU portuguese Store yet..

    btw does any1 know why do the games i some games (mostly from EA :/) i download from the US store show as Black & White on my tv set?! does it have something to do with PAL-RGB and NTSC thing?

    GREAT blog.. cant really like the look of it.. BUT lots of news and PS3 info goodness!! 🙂

  • antreas76

    hi there. i just got the heavenly sword, and i have the 1.93 firmwere.its a great game but something is not right with the framerate and fuzzy graphics, its like the ps3 it can,t hold to havy graphics it slows down and i don,t know if any one has the same problem with the game.