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NPD: August U.S. Sales Numbers |

System US Hardware Sales (thousands)
Wii 403.6
Nintendo DS 383.3
Xbox 360 276.6
PS2 202
PSP 151.2
PS3 130.6
GBA 69.5

A mediocre month for PS3, and a great month for the 360. Why? The 360 has a price cut, the lead version of the most popular title, Madden, and a huge hit with the PC/360 exclusive Bioshock. PS3 has got the version of Madden with a widely touted frame rate deficiency, GRAW 2, which is great, but has been on the 360 for five whole months, and Warhawk at the very end of the month. I’m still surprised that GRAW2 and Warhawk didn’t sell a little bit better. Of course, the PSN sales of Warhawk aren’t included in NPD numbers, but still. I’m also surprised that consumers seem unphased by widely publicized 360 reliability problems, but that’s what we are seeing in the U.S.

On the bright side:

  • All the big PS3 titles for ’07 are bunched up in late October through November. Warhawk and Heavenly Sword are good, but the real AAA content won’t hit until late October.
  • Better cross platform titles. Recently, the cross platform titles have favored the 360 either with widely touted PS3 deficiencies (EA Sports titles) or absurdly late PS3 versions (FEAR, Rainbow Six, and GRAW2). However, that’s looking to change. Big, genre-defining titles like Rock Band are looking to be the best on PS3 (bundled wireless guitar controller rather than getting a wired version bundled and having to buy the wireless version as a more expensive add-on). Also, EA has pledged that the frame rate deficiencies will be gone later this year.
  • These are U.S only numbers, which is 360 home turf. In Canada, PS3 does significantly better relative to 360. In Europe and Japan, PS3 performs dramatically better than the 360. If I had more time today, I’d compile Japan numbers and chart the combined totals (Europe numbers are hard to get). Also, yes, the Wii does better than all of them, but that’s almost an entirely different category.
  • Tokyo Game Show. Microsoft has made unveiled some nice new content at their pre-TGS conference. Can Sony top that next week when they make their announcements? We can only speculate, but I betting a definite yes. We shall see soon enough…
  • 2008. All of the best 2007 content is still to come, but 2008 is when the PS3 should really pull ahead.
  • I have to admit that I’m getting very skeptical about what Sony might announce at any given upcoming show. I am almost always disappointed. What happened at Leipzig this year for NA PS3 owners? Nothing. Besides, what else can they show? They’ve already shown everything of significance. Except for one thing: the SIXAXIS Rumbler. If they do reveal it at TGS, it better have some pretty cool features!

  • Darrin

    I agree that Leipzig was a big disappointment (especially after a promise of peak season fireworks), however E3 ’07 was filled with big announcements. To be fair, it’s unreasonable to expect them to drop a huge chain of big announcements every month. And it has only been two months since E3 so they may not have had time to reload.

    What else can they show? Lots. They have tons of teams working on unannouned projects. I’m hoping one of these turns out to be good. Team Ico maybe? Firmware 2.0 features & date? Price reconfiguration?

  • ehandlr

    Leipzig was a big dissappointment for most NA anyways…however they were still declared “the winner” of the show.

    Sony will announce 4 new IP’s at TGS FYI.

    As far as the sales…they are above mediocre. Its a 60% increase compared to June. Basically its one of the highest selling months yet with the exception of July and that was due to the price drop. The 360 had its own price drop last month as well which will definetly cause a lull in PS3 sales right now.

    On top of that…they just took on the new manufacturing group which all but said they will be developing a cheaper PS3.

    Many good things to look forward to.

  • MeToo

    Don’t forget the overrated Halo 3.

  • ehandlr

    Just watch the PSP. It started out at a crawl how long ago? Since April, stores were having a hard time keeping them in stock. Now with the slim, they will probably eclipse the DS for a month or two.

    Sony is sticking to their guns about how long they support a console. They release high technology too early knowing that it will only catch the attention of the gadget freaks. As time goes by, the acceptance for the once future technology is more accepted and becomes present technology. As with the PSP, so shall the PS3 imho.

  • Rjcc

    If these sales are “above mediocre” that should tell you how dire the situation is for the ps3 in the us. if “above mediocre” is selling less than half the consoles of your closes competition, they may as well pack up and go home. it’s just na indication of how godawful low the sales were in june, and how badly they neededa price drop , and still need another one, plus some games.

  • ehandlr

    /sigh. When will people realize last place doesn’t mean it sucks. Its only a matter of time, when the games come out that the system starts to shine. 10 out of 20 of Famitsu’s most wanted games are PS3 games. Only 1 has released which spurned worldwide sales that of 14,000 more then the 360’s worldwide sales. It was also like #17 on the list. (Hot Shots Golf 5)

    The fact a system with few games, 200 dollar price difference and the whipping boy of the internet can outsell what was presently the number 1 selling next gen console due to one game and a mediocre price drop is amazing.

    Whats even further amazing is the people that love to kick a system while it is down. 360, PS3, Wii what have you? Whatever happened to people who liked video games?

    I own all 3 consoles and both handhelds and it doesn’t take much to see that the PS3 already offers alot, but the future is just astonishing.

  • Rjcc

    “The fact a system with few games, 200 dollar price difference and the whipping boy of the internet can outsell what was presently the number 1 selling next gen console due to one game and a mediocre price drop is amazing.”

    what are you talking about there?

    this isn’t the “ps3 sucks” discussion. the point is that if its not selling, we’re not going to see a whole lot of games designed specifically for it, and the crossplatform games will continue to be afterthoughts w/ lesser features, delays, etc.

  • Darrin

    “When will people realize last place doesn’t mean it sucks”

    Wow, that sounds pathetic. I don’t think we’re at that point quite yet.

    With the PSP, that’s totally true, it may be dead last in a two horse race, but it provides a very different style of content than the DS does and does a better job at satisfying a different audience.

    If the PS3 has to settle for “last place doesn’t mean it sucks”, then you can count me out.

    I’m optimistic about PS3’s future because I think the big innovations are more likely to come from the Sony camp. Not just with the established names, like MGS4 and FFXIII, but with something new and unexpected.

  • ehandlr

    I understand the third party support issue. Historically, third party support did not increase on a console that did not sell well at the beginning.

    I’ll point back to the PSP once again. Its recieving more and more third party support with each passing day and it was the laughing stock of the handhelds for more then a year with little to no third party support.

    Sony believes the battle is actually with first party games. Thats why they are eating up every company they possibly can. They have more inhouse devs then MS and Nintendo combined.

    It will be an interesting race and the PS3 has a LONG way to go, but its done nothing but improve in all aspects since it was released and all of its “system sellers” are waiting for future release dates.

  • And now a little history 😀

    When the PS1 was released, it sold MUCH less than the N64 in Japan, as both consoles weren’t out anywhere else. The PS1 was beaten each month in sales… Until FFVII was released, and this is when the PS1 started to break all records and won that console generation. And guess how much time passed between the PS1s Japan launch and the release of FFVII… About 2 years after the console was released (yes I am exagerating a bit, but that is always ok :D)

    This race is not a 100m sprint. This is a 50km marathon, and we ran less than 10km. Thing is, will the Wii reach the finish at all (meaning, will it still sell in 4 years from now) or does Nintendo need a new console until then? I am glad I bought a future proof console that does not break

  • Rjcc

    but the ps1 was sony’s first console, they had no reputation with gamers in japan, compared to the big daddy nintendo, which should forgive their slow start a bit.

    they stole THE big exclusive of the time, and had a much easier and cheaper platform to develop for. They have none of those advantages this time. They’re the ones who are more expensive and harder to create for, and third partie are much less inclined to go exclusive.

  • Darrin

    rjcc, I agree with pretty much everything else you’ve said except this:

    “crossplatform games will continue to be afterthoughts w/ lesser features, delays, etc”

    So far, that’s definitely what we’ve seen. But I don’t expect that to continue.

    Some big upcoming titles are showing significant PS3 advantages: Rock Band and Burnout. Also, while the 360 currently has the most technically impressive games (Gears), I expect that to change soon: watch for Ratchet, GT5:P, and UT3 later this year.

    If PS3 does in fact have more potential than 360 (which is currently a debatable claim), devs will tap into that and gamers will get the benefits.

  • Bad press, crappy ports and cross platform titles, lost of too many previously AAAs of the PS2 era, drought of any good games worth the price tag ( price isn’t an issue. look at the iphone), PS2 still cannibalizing PS3, few games (if any) actually showcasing what the PS3 can do and late entry to the race = super slow sales.

    We’re just going to have to live with it for a while.

  • Rjcc

    We’ll see what advantage the ps3 version of burnout has when it is released, but if the sales numbers favor the 360 edition…then nothing will change for future games.

    the rock band guitar situation is a gimme from microsoft’s idiotic accessory strategy, but whether the game itself is actually affected, or if it will change sales, also remains to be seen.

  • Emrah

    Sale numbers of cross-platforms will most likely favour the console with bigger installed based, namely 360. There’s not much PS3 can do for a while to compete with xbox360 software sales. E.g. even if a game is better on PS3, the Xbox version may easily surpass in sales due to this.

  • Sporty

    I actually agree with that Emrah

    In the US the 360 base is about 3 times the size as the PS3 so if they can reach 10% on both systems then the 360 will sell more by default.

    Although if the TGS rumors hold any truth then we might be in for an interesting time.

  • gm360

    I own a 360 and probably will sometime in the future own a PS3. What I cannot understand is why so many Sony fans have this need to put down the 360 in order to support the PS3. God knows I will get flamed for this, but perhaps Sony problems are Sony’s fault. Bill Gates and Microsoft are not paying game makers to not make games for the PS3 or to make them subpar. Maybe, just maybe the PS3 is harder to develop for as some game makers have stated. Maybe, just maybe 600 bucks is too much for people to swallow for a game console even if it does have Blueray.

    Microsoft does have hardware issue with the 360. I have yet to see it on mine or anyone that I know, but at least they stepped up and extended the warranty for the unit to manage this massive blunder. NOW if Sony can admit that $600 bucks is too much for a games console and bring the price down to $399 or $459.

    Another thing to think about. As much as people love to hate Microsoft (for both valid and invalid reasons) they are a software developer and they know how to build tools to develop on their platforms. I have consistently read that the developement tools for the PS3 although “powerful” are difficult to use. Same thing was said about the PS2 and it took how many years for developers to get good enough at it to make Gods of War.

    I do hope that the PS3 does better, but the idea that it is going to completely outstrip the 360 is a prediction that was made before, during and after its release. It has not come to fruition.. why, because a lot of the talk about how much more powerful the PS3 is over the 360 is marketing hype paid for by Sony.. hell if you go back and read some of the reviews of the Cell processor it was claimed to be the most powerful Chip every made.

    The 99% of the issues with the sales of the PS3 lay at the feet of Sony. I hope Sony realize that perhaps .. perhaps they will make back more of their investment capital for the PS3 with quantity of units sold and not solely on the cost per unit. If predictions of LCD flat screen prices and sales are even remotely true for this holiday season, Sony could clean up with a Sub $500 price (god forbid a something like $429). Imagine a combo deal of a Samsung 26 or 32 inch LCD tv and a PS3 for $1000.

    Hey… what do I know, I am just a 40 year old fart with disposable cash and an opinion.

  • I’ve talked to a friend of mine who is the manager of all games and consoles at Media Market in Antwerp. He told me yesterday that the PS3 is currently marginally outselling the XBOX 360.

  • Darrin

    gm360, it’s like sports. People tend to prefer one console, and the two are clearly in competition for the same consumers and the same titles. However, almost everyone here really tries to not bash the other side and welcome respectful discussion like your post. A few other points:

    Microsoft *does* pay developers not to make games for PS3. They buy exclusivity rights and they do it quite often. Sony does the same thing.

    On dev tools: many devs love Microsoft tools, others hate them, and many are in between.

    You may be skeptical that the PS3 will provide better technical performance. Only time will tell. There is GT:5, R&C, Drake, and UT3 coming out in the next two months. We shall see…

  • gm360

    I completely agree that both companies pay for exclusivity, but I have heard all to recently that the issues with the EA games is because Microsoft has paid EA to make a substandard game to make the PS3 look bad. Lets be realistic. There is no benefit to EA in this. If their products are fantastic on both consoles they sell more. If this were even remotely true you know that this story would have leaked out long ago because there has to be PS3 fans at EA and all it takes is one person and a Blog entries with details.

    EA is going to have to fix these issues they have with the PS3 and their products because they will not make their development money back if they keep putting out substandard software. What ever the reason for the frame rate being lower on the PS3 is EA problem (maybe Sony’s as well), but it can’t be laid at the feet of Microsoft.

    I honestly want the PS3 to be successful so it’s price can drop and I can add it to my list of electronics. Over time the PS3 games will get better but so will the 360’s. It a simple fact. This holiday season is going to be important to both of them.

  • Sporty

    I was going to respond the other night to your first post, but thought, what’s the point. Microsoft fans are a strange breed. This thread wasn’t a console fight till you have to jump in to defend Microsoft.

    So the company that has the most cut-throat and underhanded tactics can’t be doing something wrong in your eyes.
    First you say “Bill Gates and Microsoft are not paying game makers to not make games for the PS3 or to make them subpar.”

    Then you admit
    “I completely agree that both companies pay for exclusivity”

    Although in reality Sony doesn’t pay for exclusivity. How they try and secure exclusives is lowering licensing fees and partner on Marketing. Microsoft does that, but also foot the development costs to keep the game off competitors systems. Nothing wrong with that but it is different. Developers make more money and Microsoft doesn’t make nearly as much on third party hits. Not many companies are willing to throw that kind of money around just to compete. As a business model that’s kinda stupid, but MS wants to beat Sony and has the money to throw away to do it.

    On the EA Sports games, If it was really only EA’s incompetence that made the frame rates lower then why would Microsoft be touting that feature nearly a half a year before the games went gold. That says that EA’s goal was never 60fps on PS3. Why would Microsoft partner will EA on marketing the 3 sports games that sell themselves and also happen to be ‘twice as fast’ as the competitors. Nearly all the marketing on Madden this year was paid for by Microsoft. Microsoft gets their logos in the ads, but what does EA do to get their games marketed for nothing this year? Since 360 has (had now since Wii overtook them) the largest install base, it’s pretty obvious that the 360 version would sell the most units this year. You can continue to blame EA and Sony and Santa, everyone but the company that has a track record of handicapping it’s competitors if you want though. But if it’s PS3’s problem why does first part Sony game have no problem playing in higher resolution and framerates if the console is the problem. If it’s EA alone then why did they not have this problem on it’s other games?

    I hate these threads but they are always started by 360 owners who lover their system, think Sony can never catch up, want a PS3 but the price is too high. And think that 360 will always have the edge on PS3. It’s getting old.

  • Darrin

    Microsoft has *definitely* paid developers to delay PS3 titles (timed exclusives) and drop PS3 features (feature exclusives). This isn’t evil or unfair, it’s business. Sony does the same things.

    I don’t see why you would rule out the possibility of business dealings being behind the EA frame rate issues. I’m not sure that’s the case, and I’ve never commented on that before, but I see a lot of signs pointing in that direction.

    Also, why do you quote the PS3 at $600 rather than $500?

  • Well, with news of Sony being in talks with some manufacturers about a low cost ps3 option, it seems Sony is planning something for the holiday season. I believe Sony will drop the 80gb to 499 and have a lower priced option, perhaps missing a feature or two, for 399. The xbox360 doesnt have a stranglehold on the market EVERYWHERE, its mostly a US phenomenon. Europe is for the most part still up for grabs. Especially since most of the 360’s current sales are from the US, the Playstation brand has a far bigger influence elsewhere, its just a matter of the fall releases coming out, and a the price going down.