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Ratchet & Clank Demo Discs!!! |

GameStop stores are giving out Ratchet & Clank demo discs to those who pre-order the game! The demo is scheduled to appear on PSN on October 4th, but for those of us who want it sooner, this is great!!!

UPDATE: I got it and beat the one-level demo in about 15 minutes.

Well, it’s what I expected. From this limited taste, it is like PS2 R&C, but with way better graphics + animation. I’m playing on a 480i set and it looks gorgeous. R&C on the PS2 was always a great looking game and this definitely kicks it up a notch. It plays like PS2 R&C except the demo level feels like a demo level. It’s easy, you get a brief feel (not too brief) for a few style of game and then it ends. You get some rail grinding scenes, a free-fall scene, and of course, some platforming/shooting sequences. You get the wrench plus four weapons: gun, groovitron, transmorpher, and grenade.

I will have to play some more levels to really get a feel for this, but I definitely like it. This is easily in my top three anticipated 2007 titles of any platform.

  • According to Insomniac, the demo disk is a older build and the downloadable demo in October will be from a near final build and more polished.

  • Pc

    Hmmm, well i was going to go and reserve the game, but after reading bobeotm’s post, i think i will just wait for the ps store demo.

  • Gary

    Lucky git! Pc, play both demos! You can never get enough R&C!!!!!

  • Pc


  • JimmyStewart

    Wow, I’ve got to say I’m looking forward to this game quite a bit. And I know it’s one of my girlfriend’s most anticipated games this year. But it’s a bit hard to believe with all the truly great games coming out on all the different consoles this year that R&C could ever make it into a top three list. Not that this blog hasn’t been biased in the past, but this seems like a shaky claim to make at best.

    Then again the two games I was looking forward to most behind Halo 3 have been somewhat disappointing. Blue Dragon was a pretty straight forward RPG but it wasn’t nearly as good as it could’ve been or I was hoping. And the same applies Heavenly Sword. Pretty straight forward, but not nearly as good as it could’ve been or I was hoping. Perhaps I just have terrible taste and the remaining games I think should be loads higher than R&C will be continue let downs and R&C will be the only really good title this holiday season. Somehow though I think if any platformer is, it’ll be Mario Galaxies.

  • Darrin

    Sorry Jimmy, I didn’t mean to imply this post as anything more than personal opinion. No, it’s probably not in the three critically acclaimed “best” games of the year, but it is definitely one of my personal faves.

    Also, this is the *first* PS3 exclusive or PS3 lead title that I’ve been excited about all year.

    You may think that Mario Galaxies is a better platformer, and I’ll probably disagree. Speak up and tell us why! This is games discussion site.