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Tekken 6 Intro & Gameplay |

The final boss looks cool. Wonder what he fights like! They didn’t show any of the special item moves in these videos so they must be working on those still, but the speed in Tekken 6 is great. Man I can’t wait to test this game out! Sorry I couldn’t find any videos with sound.

I’m glad Tekken DR is online so they can work out the kinks now. So when Tekken 6 goes online it will be much better, I would hope so anyway.

  • I wish for once JUST once they would give us new intro animations and costumes. King has had that same intro, and essentially the same costume, since TEKKEN 1, over 10 YEARS AGO. I know after the fuss and complaints the hardcore made after the changes they intoduced in 4, it seems like they are afraid to even touch the game. Tekken 5 took almost all of the changes of 4 back out, and basically refined what 3 was. And the hardcore loved it, but the rest of the gaming public saw little reason to buy in. I think the first truly next gen version needs to be more than just Tekken 5 with new characters and a tweak here and there.
    With that said, I will still buy it, and I know i will still love it. I just wish that they would at least stop recycling the intro animations and costume ideas from the previous games and give us something that makes the game feel new for once. Soul Calibur is made by the same parent company, and although i prefer tekken, soul calibur at least has the tendency to make each game feel like an advancement of some sort from the last. It can be blamed for the same issues, but they dont (for some reason) seem as apparent.

  • MeToo

    The old character intro animation is just fine for me. It’s Tekken and I will love it.

    But I’m more interested in Soul Calibur 4 (since it will also be in X360).