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40GB PS3? Not so much. |

I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say that Sony will not be offering a 40GB PS3 this fall. While it’s probably true that they’re working on another SKU to pair with the 80GB PS3, I’m thinking that it won’t be a 40GB model, but rather a 120GB or 160GB model. Why? Well, out of curiosity, I checked a couple online vendors (NCIX, TigerDirect, and CompuSmart) for the prices on some 40GB SATA hard drives. Guess what? I couldn’t find any. There were several 80GB models, and just one 60GB model, which cost more than the 80GB models (probably because it was a notebook drive).

I’m not saying that Sony can’t get their hands on 40GB HDD’s if they wanted to. But 40GB HDD’s are going the way of the dodo, and will only get more expensive as time passes. With HDD’s out there at 1TB, what’s the use of a 40GB machine? The low-end PS3 was never an also-ran, gimped machine. But this Christmas time will have moved on and a new machine with a 40GB HDD will definitely become the gimped machine nobody will want. That Microsoft continues to sell a machine with a 20GB HDD is beyond belief, IMHO. In order to compete with the Xbox 360 Elite, Sony will want a machine out there with more disk space than the competition, not less.

So, what say you? Will Sony release a 40GB machine? Or will the surprise us with a higher capacity machine? (Though it wouldn’t be a surprise anymore after reading this, now would it?)

  • Emrah

    Still, as I read in some comments somewhere.

    * it could be 80gb disks with a bad platter, leaving 40gb. But that’s too many broken harddisks 🙂

    * Any harddisk vendor can happily produce half a million harddisks with single 40gb platter if Sony ordered it.

    Why 40gb? It may be just psychological. Remember they are currently charging en extra 100usd for 20gb more harddisk space, while you can grab 120gb hd for 70usd all by itself, I am not even talking about the price difference of 60gb and 120gb. So it might be psychological excuse to be able to come up with a cheaper PS3.

    That is not to say they may not roll out 120gb models, with Playstation TV (was it?) on the horizon..

  • I don’t think so either.

    A) It does not make sense. The pricedelta between a 60GB and a 40GB is sooo negligible, that lowering the price by a $100 does not seem feasible, at least not, if they don’t cut something else (i.e. (imho) the mandatory WiFi and Cardreaders)

    The cheapest HDD I could find in my local store (which isn’t always the cheapest but the inventory is great) was the 80GB Seagate for 57€ (the next higher, for exactly 1€ more was the 80GB Samsung 😀 and seven euros more you get the 100GB Seagate).

    What I could imagine, that Sony puts in CF cards in a SATA shell. As they get it for wholesale prices and they buy large quantities, they are sure to get 4GB cards (2 or 3 are needed for those SATA caddies) for 10 to 15€ per piece. But I don’t think this makes sense just yet (too expensive)

    And to add to that, why would they want another “gimped” PS3, when they themselves already said, the better selling ones are the higher end models. So freaking drop the price of the 80GB to 450 or less and introduce a 550 or less variant with 120GB or more… THAT would make sense!

  • Rjcc

    I’m not so sure. the biggest problem with the ps3, beyond the games that are available, is the price, and it would seem nay way they can get the price down immediately, would be a good step. as far a higher end model…what else can they put in except for a bigger hard drive?

  • ehandlr

    The new manufacturing company “Hai whatever” already verified that they will be working on a cheaper version.

  • Yeah, there is no cost advantage at all for a 40GB drive…79$ for both a 40 (not in stock, special order), and $79 for a Seagate 80GB 2.5″ drive.

    Personally I’d rather they put a 3.5″ drive in, that would cut costs and improve performance. A single platter drive would be pretty quiet and very cheap.

  • That would necessitate a complete rebuild of the PS3s internal cooling system. Try and watch one of the “disassembling a PS3″ videos on youtube and you see what I mean. The HDD is inserted into the heatsink, sort of. So putting in a 3.5” HDD (which is btw. more than trice, if not even quadruple the volume of a 2.5” HDD) would force them to rebuild the whole system… I doubt that very much!

  • It could be that the 80gb becomes the low end, with a 160 being the high end. Its possible, for sony the difference in space is only a few dollars per machine. The price points is another issue altogether, will it remain a 499/599 model, or will it be bumped down to a 459/559 model, or even 399/499?

    What surprises me is how microsoft can sell their separate harddrives at such a ridiculous price. To me, sony should just have a single SKU, and advertise the fact that you can upgrade to any size you desire.

  • Because Disk space matters… I find this obsession with disk space on the PS3 funny. Its not even like there’s much to take it up! Its just a variable marketing can change to make their console sound better, when in fact who needs those extra GB? Especially with the lackluster content on PSN.

  • ehandlr

    I have 16 gigs remaining on my PS3….out of 60. For those who say disk space doesn’t matter….thats completely untrue. I have to delete demos just to keep space open on my 60 gig. I”m looking to upgrade to 160 soon.

  • PaulC

    I’m down to 9 GB available on my 60 GB PS3. Yeah, I could delete some stuff but most people would rather have a larger disk than be troubled with deciding what to delete. I’ll be installing a 250 GB drive really soon for $179, same prive MS charges for less than half that space.

    I think , if, they release another sku, it will be a larger HD not a smaller one. They already announced the dvr accessory for the EU and the 360 Elite has a 120 GB drive. The cost to go with a bigger drive is not that much. They can sell the 80 GB without any games for $399 and the 120+ GB for $499. The dvr accessory will eat up space really quickly. I have a mythtv box with two 400 GB drives that is 70% full most of the time. I can’t believe the 360 still has a 20 GB drive or that they even have the core system without an hard drive.

  • ehandlr

    where did you find a 250gb 5400rpm hdd for 179? Link me puh-lease 😛 I’ll get one too lol

  • PaulC

    Its actually 174.99 at SAMSUNG Spinpoint M Series HM250JI 250GB 5400 RPM 8MB Cache Serial ATA150 Notebook Hard Drive – OEM Item#:N82E16822152094

    I haven’t checked the actual dimensions to verify it will fit but all the other specs seem to match.

  • Brent

    The price difference is not because fo the size of the drive. The price difference is in the operating system. The 40G does not have the PS2 capability and the 60g and 80g do. They are making you pay a premium for backwards compatibilty.