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Another DualShock 3 is “confirmed” [Update] |

Well how many times have we heard this so far? Anyway, in the latest episode of the 1UP Yours podcast it mentions a few things. The rumbling controllers, and the long awaited 2.0 firmware. I hope the rumble controllers have the PS home button light up too πŸ™‚ If this is true we will find out soon enough, the Tokyo Game Show is the 20th – 23rd of September.

But one question I have is can developers simply enable rumble in past PS3 titles? Or will developers even bother with it in past titles?

1UP’s Shane: DualShock 3 is “confirmed”


TGS 2007: Rumble Confirmed

September 19, 2007 – Big shocker at today’s Electronic Arts pre Tokyo Game Show press event. While playing a demo of Burnout Paradise, we felt something that we never thought we’d feel from a PS3 controller — shake!

That’s right, Burnout Paradise is the first rumble-equipped PS3 game we’ve ever played. Which made us think at the time, if the game is making the controller shake, the controller must be a new version of the Sixaxis!

In fact, the controller we were using to play the demo looked exactly like a standard Sixaxis, except that it had a sticker on the bottom that said “RUMBLE.” It also felt notably heavier than the standard Sixaxis.

We presume this is a prototype of the PlayStation 3’s new rumble controller, whatever it’s going to be called.

The rumble itself felt around the level of PlayStation 2 rumble. We’re not sure just yet if Sony is using any of that next generation technology Immersion has been talking about for the past few months.

A formal announcement is expected tomorrow at Kaz Hirai’s keynote address.

As for the rest of the EA event, as well as details from today’s Sony and Konami events, check back at IGNPS3 through the night.

  • derrickgott007

    I bet it has not only rumble, but Touch Sense technology…That is like Force Feedback for the sticks, where they are easy to move if say walking on ice, and harder to move if walking in water, etc….. Much like the Novint Falcon controller.

  • It would only take a patch to make older games rumble, if it’s touchsense technology, PS2 and PSone games may not be able to rumble at all. It depends on if the ps3’s new controller can take both the code from new games and the code from ps2 games. Maybe new games will have touchsense, and old ps2 games just have a basic vibration.

    I doubt the controller looks any different from the current sixaxis, other than added weight, and perhaps a name change. I also heard from sony that they are working on more responsive and precise motion control, thats straight from the horses mouth. So if anything is gauranteed with the new dualshock, its that it will be easier and less clumsy to play motion controlled games.

  • I hear many people claim that the Xbox’s controller is better for FPS games than the PlayStation controller. I haven’t noticed a difference in this regard, but I wonder if this new controller addresses the issue. (What IS the issue, anyway?)

  • hollywooda

    isn’t that Last Gen!?? haha….

  • Actually Hollywooda, if they go with touchsense, they can still say rumble is last gen. Because touchsense has a greater range of feedback options, like being able to feel the soft thwack of a tennis ball on a racket, which is not possible with current rumble technologies. Touchsense has the ability to create sharp jolts as well as softer rumbles of varying types. So yes, sony if they choose this tech would indeed be able to stand by its comments in saying rumble as we know it is last gen.

    Henning, I sure hope not. They say that because on a 360 controller, the analog sticks are asymmetrical, the left analog stick is where the d-pad would be. I prefer the symmetrical sticks myself. Because its better for some other games. Tekken would be horrid of the d-pad was where one of the sticks was. I wouldnt mind a change in form factor, maybe sleeker than the normal dualshock/sixaxis look, but I doubt we see an external change.

  • Is that it? How does an asymmetrical design help a FPS?

  • Pc

    An asymetrical design doesn’t help with anything in a fps. I owned the regular xbox and also the 360, but i still like the dualshock and sixaxis alot more. I’m good with both controllers, but i can tell you that the asymetrical design doesn’t do anything better. I actually think it’s worse because of where it’s puts the d-pad. Symetrical is better !! πŸ™‚

  • Pc

    BTW, I’ve been putting off buying anymore sixaxes’s simply because i knew a new controller with rumble tech. would be coming out some time soon. $49.99 is alot for a controller, so i stuck with two for now, but one is kinda messed up.

  • BΓΈrten

    I’ve been waiting for this since the PS3 launch πŸ˜€

    The only “bad” thing is that I had to buy a new sixaxis two weeks ago.
    (Memo to brain : Don’t let any two-year old play Super RubADub alone..)

  • Regarding the stick placement – I much prefer the DualShock/SIXAXIS layout. I used to have an Xbox, and also a Gamecube. Both of these featured asymmetrical sticks, and I couldn’t get on with it at all.

    The Gamecube was slightly easier, as the pad was smaller and the grips narrower. The original Xbox controller was an absolute joke. I have big hands, and even I found it uncomfortable after more than a few minutes, and those horrible, hard, rounded A/B/X/Y buttons were just plain stupid. The smaller Controller-S was a great improvement, but the sticks were still in the wrong place.

    Vibration/Touchsense aside, the only thing I would change about the SIXAXIS would be to make the top of the sticks concave, rather than convex (like the old PS1’s Dual Analogue) – to prevent thumb slippage.

  • rumble … are we sure

  • Pc

    @ yodaddy, yes we are very sure !! next-gen rumble all the way !! not the old crap that’s in the 360 and wii controllers (and ps2). πŸ™‚

  • BOING!!!