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Start Saving for November… |

This fall will veritable feast of great PS3 games, giving us heartburn in our wallets. October is the appetizer, starting us off with titles like SEGA Rally Revo, PlayStation Home (hopefully), Ratchet & Clank, and Guitar Hero 3. The main meal, however, gets served in ten courses in November:

– Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
– Army of Two
– Assassin’s Creed
– Kane & Lynch: Dead Men
– The Orange Box
– SingStar
– Haze
– Unreal Tournament III
– Rock Band
– Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune

Now I just have to decide how much I can stomach. My wallet obviously can’t pay for all that good grub…

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  1. Yay, only one (1) game I want 😀

    And the winner is… Uncharted. FPS belong to the PC (i.e. CoD4 and UT3) and I’ll wait for wireless Singstar headsets.

    Ratchet will be my main contender in the near future… Hopefully, we don’t have to wait too long for GT5P 😀 This is what I will buy day one with no questions asked!!

  2. derrickgott007

    Two Words:

    GAME FLY…well really one word…GAMEFLY

  3. Number of PS3 games I’ve purchased so far: 1
    Number of PS3 games I will purchase this November: 7 (not counting R&C which I’ll buy in Oct)

    There have been some great titles this year: GRAW 2, Motorstorm, Warhawk, Ninja Gaiden, and R6:V. But all the stuff I really want to own is coming out in November.

    You should add Lego Star Wars to that list. I love the PS2 version, I can’t wait for the fully enhanced PS3 version.

  4. MetalProxy

    I like how you put CoD4 on top hahaha, I played the beta, WooT!
    Iam not getting Rock, Sing, or Kane.

  5. 🙂 It just happened to be the first one to be released in the month. (The titles are in order of release.) But if the list were to be made in priority order, it would still be tops:

    – Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
    – Rock Band
    – Unreal Tournament III
    – Army of Two
    – Haze
    – Assassin’s Creed
    – The Orange Box
    – Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune
    – SingStar
    – Kane & Lynch: Dead Men

  6. I am getting:
    Army of Two
    SingStar (but then, I’m European) 🙂
    Kane & Lynch.

    And then I might buy Haze and Assassin’s Creed depending on the ratings they’ll get.

    Oh, I am probably not going to buy all the games at the same time. Partly because it’s a money issue and partly because I prefer to play only one game at a time. That’s why I haven’t yet bought Heavenly Sword, because I am too engulfed in Oblivion at the moment.

  7. ehandlr

    I have

    Call of Duty 4
    Eye of Judgement
    Unreal Tournament
    Ratchet and Clank

    already pre-ordered.

    That doesn’t count my other 2 consoles and handhelds 🙁

  8. François

    I will be buying Uncharted. I like good story driven adventure game. If this game does not get score great review, I will be very disappointed.

  9. Number of PS3 games i have purchased so far…7
    Number of games i will purchase between next month and november…atleast 9 !! DAMN THAT’S GONNA HURT THE BANK ACCOUNT

  10. Damn I thought I was going to be the least on PS3 games bought.

    PS3 game so for for me is: 4 (Motorstorm, Resistance, CoD3, Riiidge Racer 7)
    Plus 2 downloaded ones. StardustHD and CaC

    I’m really only looking at 4 games in November. CoD4, Haze, Uncharted and Assassin’s Creed.

    Orange Box, Kane & Lynch and UTIII are possibilities though.

  11. and if i count correctly, four of these are ps3 exclusives, right? counting UT3, that is, which is only a ‘timed exclusive’. not bad.

  12. I’m shocked and disgusted by the lack of PES 2008.

    That and R&C Future are my two biggest buys of the year.

    Then there’s the possibility of Haze, Unchartered, HL 2 Orange Box, CoD4, Assassins Creed and Kane & Lynch, all depending on good reviews.

  13. I forgot to say that the 7 ps3 titles i purchased were all on blu-ray. I have a shit load of other ps3 titles that i’ve downloaded from the ps store. Ooops, i have bought 8 ps3 games on blu-ray 🙂 I traded in The Darkness after i beat it.

  14. orange box… are we sure ?

  15. yodaddy… are we sure ?

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