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Rumble version of SIXAXIS at TGS |

In the biggest non-surprise of the show, IGN reports that EA’s Burnout is playable at TGS with a rumbling variant of the standard SIXAXIS game pad. Sony was widely expected to unveil such a controller after resolving rumble-related legal issues, however the specifics of this new controller are still unknown.

This isn’t the first rumbling controller on the PS3. Third party Logitech steering wheel controllers have supported force feedback and rumble effects since day one on the PS3. These wheels have been supported on earlier versions of Burnout and most PS3 racing games, and I hope that this support continues.

Anyone surprised? Anyone excited about picking up one of these?

IGN On Rumble at TGS

  • I actually picked up 4 sixaxis controllers at the PS3 launch. And I brought 3 of them with me today to trade in when I hear more official info (price & release date) from Sony.

  • ehandlr

    I’ve been putting off additional controllers until this news came out. I’m not overly excited..but its nice to see.

  • CVG says the same thing IGN did:

    I also picked up 3 additional controllers at launch. I will only be buying one new one for now. I might pick up another soon after.

  • Darrin

    Great link Tosh.

    They definitely can’t just give us boring old PS2-level rumble. The haptics have to be better. They have to provide more varied and complex effects or else this will be a big disappointment. We shall see tonight!

  • I’m hoping its the touchsense stuff, and not just the same old rumble as before. It would give them a leg up on the competition. Even though ea may have spilled the beans on rumble, there is no telling what exaclty is inside.

  • Sporty

    I’m hopeing for the touchsense also. But didn’t Immersion already leak that it was touchsense that Sony Licensed?

    I’m glad I sold my extra SixAxis last month for $40 on eBay. Main thing I miss about rumble is I’m now replaying Dark Cloud and fishing actually requires me to look at the stupid bobber. When I had my PS2 I could browse the net or something and only look up when the controller rumbled.

    Guess we will find out in just under 2 hours.

  • Pc