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Sony TGS Conference Summary |

The two big announcements:

  • Sony acquired Evolution Studios, the developers of Motorstorm.
  • DualShock 3 is unveiled: A Sixaxis controller with rumble functionality. Tons of games support including very soon to be released titles such as R&C. Does this use more advanced haptics technology? No mention.

Smaller news bits include:

  • Remote Play Wake on LAN: Now you don’t need to have your PS3 to access your movies, music and games from anywhere on your PSP.
  • MGS Online to be included with MGS4
  • “Dress” service to be part of PlayStation Home.
  • PSN Available from PCs
  • PlayStation Home is delayed until 2008.
  • GT5:P will be out in Japan on Dec 13. When will the Western release hit?
  • New Afrika Trailer

So far, pretty dull announcements.

Sony said they were going to unveil four new titles. Dress? The Horse Racing title? I bet they are counting the Afrika unveiling as a new title (barely been shown before). Aqua and flOwer? I haven’t heard much about those two yet…

Let’s hear your impressions. Anyone still anticipating more from the show itself?

UPDATE: Thanks to Sporty who pointed out several omissions that are now included.

  • Stephen

    I am anticipating Square’s annoucement of Endless Crisis: Final Fantasy VII.

    Hoping the rumors are true. So far the Kingdom Hearts PSP rumor is right

  • Sporty

    I don’t think any of the 4 games will be announced still the show actually starts.

    Most of the game announcements will be made later tonight and for the rest of the week if they follow past TGSs.

    Afrika trailer looks interesting. At least we know it’s real. DualShock 3 wasn’t a surprise since everyone and their dog predicted it already. what shocked me was how far away it is for us.

  • Sporty

    Also your summary missed

    Remote Play Wake on Lan.
    Pretty major addition. Now you don’t need to have your PS3 to access your movies, music and games from anywhere on your PSP. Also the talk of remote play allowing friends with PSPs on the net to log onto your system for co-op and spectator modes.

    Also PSN store on PCs. already live in Japan.

    It is pretty sweet that not only is MGS: Online coming soon but MGS4 will have it bundled.

    But for the game announcements, they should be trickling in soon.

    BTW heres the Afrika trailer.

    Not much happening but the detail of the fur in pretty insane

  • Darrin

    There were basically no exciting announcements. Even the Dualshock thing was already known and no news of any improved technology.

    You’re right Sporty. Obviously, all the game footage and details will come from the actual show itself. Hopefully that provides some new excitement.

  • I’m disappointed on several levels. While it was good to hear about the new controller, that much was really a given, since we heard all those rumours. Here’s what disappointed:

    1. Release date of the controller. November in Japan, spring for the rest of us? Come on!

    2. No mention of any special rumble functionality.

    3. Call of Duty 4 was not on the rumble compatibility list.

    4. PlayStation Home pushed back to spring. (Though I predicted that it won’t be coming out anytime soon, remember?)

    5. No mention of cheaper PS3 for holiday season.

  • Sporty

    I agree with you on most of those points Henning.

    1. Kinda lame, they should have it available just after the announcement or a few weeks away. But they will probably drop the current SixAxis price to clear out inventory. But JP getting it at least 4 months sooner is kinda lame.

    2. I really wish it was the touchsense. I kinda doubt it is now or they would have been touting it as next gen rumble.

    3. I’m sure CoD4 will get an update. If they are doing a patch for most o the current games like Motorstorm, Resistance, stardust for rumble I’m sure CoD will have a patch pretty damn quick or might even get it in the shipped game. After all the rumble is in the code for 360 so they can probably just import it over real fast.

    4. Kinda sad about this one. Open beta not happening in Auguest was bad enough. I am actually a PS Underground member, but my PS3 is registered to my non underground account so I’m kinda screwed on invites there.

    5. I wouldn’t rule out a price drop due to the TGS though. It’s only a JP show so the best time to drop the price for holidays is end of October. So I wouldn’t expect an announcement till it’s ready to drop.

  • It still only September thought, its a month and a half before the biggest bulge of the holiday season. Obviously 60gb will have run out by then, so obviously they will have to make SOME announcement this year. As for the rumble tech in the controller, it doesnt dissapoint me. Partly due to me not caring much about rumble in the first place, but having it back should contribute to some much needed heft.