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flOw Expansion and Flower |

flOw has to be the most unique and simple game on the PS3, it’s a game I always show to people when they come over for the first time. Everyone I’ve shown it to really likes it. The expansion will add a new creature, a new enemy, and new food. Sounds good to me. The new creature looks like like a small circle surrounded by hooked barbs, and pressing any button will close the barbs and thus protecting your creature from your enemies, then releasing the button will send you into a spin which you can use to attack. The new enemy is similar to a puffer fish, when you get close it puffs up with spikes all over its body. Another addition is to the multiplayer, you can play as two different creatures. Overall this expansion will add about 15% more flOw for you to enjoy. No release date at this time.

Below is the trailer for flower made by Thatgamecompany, same people who made flOw. I have no clue what the gameplay would be like in flower, your guess is as good as mine. But it looks very interesting.

TGS ’07: flOw Expansion Pack Preshow Hands-On

  • Some people are calling this new game FlOwer just to identify it as being from the same company. Maybe you are trying to grow your breed of flowers against another breed. Or perhaps its just another sort of non-game like flow, where the objective is what you want it to be.

  • John

    Looks like it’s going to be an interactive screensaver like flOw (which isn’t bad).

  • Wow a flow expansion, I liked the original flow and this new expansion looks like a must have. I wonder if they will make an expansion for the PC version (which is what the PS3 version is based on).

  • Kaddas

    flOw is a great game in my (point of view) Flower looks magnificent , and hope it’ll Keep the expectation.