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LocoRoco Cocoreccho |

Is this worth buying or not? I’m definitely not short on games to play, but if this is an interesting novelty that can entertain me for at least two solid hours, then personally, I’d be happy to buy for $7. If it’s boring or wears thin faster than that, then I’d rather skip. Two strong opinions so far. Any others?


From Dartmerc:

Think LocoRoco, but now imagine you control a butterfly, which when close (about 1/2 a screen away or closer) to LocoRoco, it influences them to follow it.
The world is populated with sleeping Roco, and these Roco wake up when another Roco touches them.
The stage is one big level, but broken into smaller parts, utilizing gates that require a number of Roco to be collected before opening, allowing the Roco to continue further.
The awesome thing is, each section of the level, is actually a loop. If the Roco’s don’t enter the gate, they simply loop back to the start, to repeat their steps again (the Roco are capable of advancing without micromanagement), giving you another chance to explore and grab any Roco you left.
Basically, think LocoRoco with different controls, which take a little to get used to, but really do work, and the addition of levels that loop back onto themselves, and also more challanging, well hidden Roco to find, alot requiring plenty of LocoRoco teamwork.

Just like the psp title, the levels can be completed rather easily if the player doesnt try to collect the Roco and other items, infact with only 40 of 200 Loco, the entire stage can be finished.

The beauty of the original LocoRoco was that it allowed a player to have a good time and run through the levels, then go back and explore looking for the aditional RocoLoco. Roco Cocoreccho follows this formula to a tee. Without any aditional controls other then the circle button and left stick (and a motion sensitive gate opening action), the player can complete the stage, and then go back and start exploring, or taking alternate paths.

From Emrah:

I just bought and played locoroco, and I personally do not recommend it. It is overly complicated for its own good, the gameplay is not rewarding. Just give us some superbly simple levels that’ll last a minute with all the bells and whistles in the beginning so we can have some sympathy for the meaningless blobs and have some taste of being able to finish a level without brain-work, *THEN* put us in mayhem.

  • I have purchased for my child, but also I play a lot of this mini game. Really nice and a 8 years old kid is very pleased with it. I really like this one.

  • Dartmerc

    Darrin, if two hours is all your looking for, I suggest this title to you without a second guess. Infact, if you buy this and don’t enjoy it for at least a couple of hours, I’ll paypal you the cost of the game, I really support it that much.

    The game is very replayable, despite only being one real stage, and dispite the fact that on your first run through if can be completed in a matter of minutes.

    If you enjoyed the PSP title, and replayed levels to try and rescue all the RocoLoco, you’ll get a whole lot of play out of this.

    On a side note, I completed it last night with 187 of 200 Roco saved and some decent scores on the mini-games (which also contribute to the Roco count), and managed to score 192 on the worldwide charts 😀

    I’m the kind of gamer that appreciates stats and online leaderboards, and LocoRoco Cocoreccho’s gameplay being based around collecting, fits the mould perfectly.

    And if I knew my last post would make news, I would have spell checked and not rushed typing it :p

  • Pc

    I purchased it on friday and i was hoping it would be just like the psp version, but with motion sensing. I would rather just tilt my controller left or right to make the RocoLoco travel through the level. It’s a decent game, but i wanted it to be more like the previous, instead of moving the butterfly around for them to follow it.

  • Pc

    I meant LocoRoco 🙂

  • Dartmerc

    haha, I always end up saying or typing RocoLoco too.
    And again, it isn’t controlled the game as the PSP version, and in reality it wouldnt work it if was.
    It’s a different game, and works around slightly different mechanics.

    PC, try locating the cloud mini-game if you haven’t already, it’s a way fun section, and uses a whole lot of motion control.

  • i bought it and i quite like it! i admit i don’t have much experience with the original PSP game (i’ve only played the demo) but i have a blast just mucking with the little blobby dudes.

  • Emrah

    Hi, I guess I am the only negative one on this. I must say I don’t like the “O” button mashing in this game, I haven’t played the PSP one (probably due to the fact I don’t own one!) but tilting the entire world is a very entertaining idea which they should not have ignored this time around.

    I am more of a Lemmings / Furry of the furries type where you have smaller but many more levels with many more problems to solve, but difficulty level starts from ridiculously easy to frantically hard. (I am talking about Lemmings on the Amiga, haven’t played ps3 version)

    The mini game where we hit the fly is quite entertaining, I’ll give you that one (actually, we could have more of it). The button mashing for better LocoRoco attention is, while semantically correct, unnecessary, it could have been given to another button where we hold it instead of tap it. It may sound funny but I find it surprisingly tiresome for a leisure game like this.

    The sixaxis motion control could have been more frequently, the mini games do a good job of it.

  • Dartmerc

    Yeah, the one thing I would have liked is unlocking the minigames from the main menu once found or something.

    I too would like more sixaxis motion control, and hopefully we’ll get a true sequal to the original.

    I know what you mean with lemmings too, but personally I find those terribly simplistic levels such an anoyance. The PS3 version is similar in that regard, and somehow I managed to lose my progress, and I just havent been bothered to redo all those easy levels.

    Either way, everyone to their own, I think the title brings something new to a great formula, and does it rather well.

  • Darrin

    OK, I bought this and played through the level.

    Good but not great. Definitely a fun, novel game. However, just the one board? I missed most of the secrets and unlockables, I will definitely be playing more with my step daughter, and the screensaver mode is pretty neat.

    It’s a fairly short and superficial experience, but it’s exactly the kind of easy to enjoy experimental novelty that I want for $7.

  • Dartmerc

    Yeah, I thought the exact same thing about only one stage.
    But then I stepped back and realised it wasn’t a full priced game.
    Just like the original, the real value in this game is replaying the level to find the secrets.
    Glad you enjoyed it Darrin, guess I don’t owe you $7 then :p

  • Darrin

    Very true Dartmerc. It’s only $7, plus I’ve read there are lots of parts that I haven’t unlocked. There are supposed to be three mini-games, I’ve only seen one.

    It’s a huge hit with my girlfriend and step daughter. This is a definite must-buy for anyone who likes these types of puzzly novelty games. Just leaving it on as background entertainment is fun too.

    On second thought, this title really is great. Probably the most fun I’ve had with a PSN title yet. I hope they keep putting out more titles like this one.

    Sorry you didn’t enjoy it Emrah. I guess no game will satisfy everyone.

  • Emrah

    I am waiting for the second installment where you tilt the world 🙂 It is not that I don’t like puzzle games, or that I am overly critique of games, I tend to look away from problems when I like more of the game. This one simply didn’t have it going for me.