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Activision acquires Bizarre Creations |

My favourite racing game of all time has got to be Project Gotham Racing 2. Yup, 2. As in two or II or deuce. The one on the original Xbox. PGR3 on the Xbox 360 was a mess. Starting with a really bad menu system it continued down hill with a tiny tiny selection of tracks and the mistake of choosing only superfast cars to drive. (In theory that sounds cool but in practice, not so much.) So I’m hoping that with the upcoming PGR4, Bizarre will make up for past mistakes and release a game cut from the same factory as PGR2.

The only problem I had with PGR2 was that it was only available for the Xbox. I would have liked to play the game on my PS2, but them’s the brakes. (Groan, I know.)

Do we have hope for the PGR franchise on a PS3 someday? Maybe. Activision announced today that they’ve bought Bizarre Creations, the makers of the PGR games as well as Geometry Wars. Activision may want Bizarre to be a bit more platform agnostic, so we may indeed be queuing up for our copies of PGR5 one day.

I can hope!

Activision acquires Bizarre Creations

  • Sporty

    Doesn’t MS own the PGR IP? If so then no more PGR games unless they make another one for MS.

    However they did state they are about to start 2 new games, one a Racer and one a character game. Racer might be a new IP, another PGR or if they want to go multiplatform and MS does own the IP it might be a return of Metropolis Street Racer, the predecessor to PGR.

    I could be wrong but I thought it was a MS property, similar to Resistance being a Sony IP even though an independent studio created it.

  • He, I always thought Bizarre already was Mss property 😀

    And yeah, I think the IP belongs to MS since they published it, but who cares. The predecessor to it (Metropolis Street Racer on the DC) was also very good, so changing the Name should be no problem (that sort of IP is worthless, since the essential IPs belong to the car manufactors and not to MS).

    I never played any of those games tbh, but a good counterweight to GT on the PS3 is always welcomed.

  • PGR was always a more arcadey option, and I prefer that. The very technical style of racing in GT doesn’t suite my style well.

  • ehandlr

    MS publishes PGR…they do not have rights. While unlikely…its even possible for PGR4 to come to the PS3 even completely ignoring this acquisition.

    For example..Ninja Gaiden was published by MS for the Xbox..and while there is a generation difference here…Ninja Gaiden Sigma was brought to the PS3 with a different publisher.

    The interesting part is when Ben Ward of Bizarre Creations stated “Now we are truly a multiplatform company.”

  • Dartmerc

    Only played the first PGR, really didn’t like it, I understand its an arcade racer (I enjoy those too!), but it just didn’t feel right.
    Still, the work thats surely been put into it over the years, it would be a welcome addition indeed.
    On a side note, I hate how M$ is throwing their money around and publishing games, it’s a kick in the balls to see something like that happen to ninja gaiden 2. By the way, does anyone know what kind of reception that game got in japan?

    Also Henning, I can’t seem to register, I get a 404 error when I try to view the register page (

  • ehandlr

    MS publishing things doesn’t bother me. Sony does its share as well. Its the under the table moneyhatting that bothers me.