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No UT3 PC-to-PS3 Online |

UT3 is probably the most anticipated game among folks who don’t know how good Call of Duty 4 is. (Like that?) One of the coolest things about UT3 on the PS3 is that it seems to be taking all the benefits of PC gaming, and combining it with all the benefits of platform gaming. You have the stability of a single platform – the PS3 – mixed together with the flexibility of a PC. So you have keyboard and mouse support, mods, and the theoretical capability of letting PC gamers and PS3 gamers duke it out.

Unfortunately or not – I personally don’t care – Epic has decided not to enable PS3 versus PC play. They say that console releases take time, while updates can be released a lot quicker on the PC side. So it’s unfair to hold up PC gamers, making them wait for the certification process on the console to complete, before releasing patches.

Makes sense to me. For me, UT3 isn’t about being able to play PS3 versus PC anyway. I just want to get into a fast shooter and start the destruction. I don’t care if they’re using a PC or PS3 on the other end, as long as the playing field is fair.

Epic Confirms No Unreal Tournament 3 PC-to-PS3 Online; Other UT3 Details Shared

  • MetalProxy

    Iam glad to hear this info. I can careless about playing against PC fools and there keypad and mouse controls. I dont like how in CoD4 you start off with junk for weapons. Iam not sure if its lag or what but you shouldnt have to shot someone three times with as shotgun to kill whom ever.

  • derrickgott007

    Why the hell are you talking about Call of Duty 4? How does that have anything to do with UT3?

    I for one could careless about PC to PS3 play….there will be enough people on the console to play multiplayer, also the PC is too open to cheating and the console is a lot more of a controlled enviroment. You can’t ger into a console games code and change stuff like you can on a PC.

  • Be nice.