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[email protected] – PS3 breaks the Petaflop barrier |

That’s more than quadrillion floating point operations per second! And that’s only from 41,145 PS3s. Great job PS3 folders! Keep it up.

Our [email protected] team is doing great too. We are currently at 419 with only 116 members. Very impressive. We are always accepting new members to the folding team. You can even join on your PC.

Join our [email protected] Team: 55054

Remember you can run [email protected] on your PSP via remote play, but you need to start remote play first and then start [email protected] Might as well have your PS3 doing something beneficial while it’s on remote play and not in use 🙂

Also we can’t let Joystiq pass us up, they seem to be about 10 or so places behind use and they have more members than we do.

Keep those PS3s Folding 🙂

[email protected] update: PS3 breaks Petaflop barrier on its own

  • I think its bizarre that the PS3’s running out there make up the vast majority of computing power, so much so that it is the rest of the field combined, several times over. Despite being less than a 5th of the active CPU’s.

  • Because only the SMP kernel can be a direct competitor to the PS3s power (and the GPU client). One WU on a single core PC gives you ~100 points (which takes about a day iirc) whereas a PS3 WU gives you 280 points. A 3 day SMP core WU gives you between 2000 and 3000 points!!

  • Hi Sorry for being a bit of a lagard in the folding regard over the last few weeks. I’ve been away and my PS3 has shut down due to various power outages in my area. I’ve got to get my rank back up there. This is truly a worthwhile cause and I encourage everyone to join it even for a few hours a week. It’s cool that we are close to breaking 400. I thought we would have a hard time breaking through 500. Way to go.